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Another sad case

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There have been emails flying back and forth between some of the local cat rescue people all day about a poor, scared 2.5 year-old male cat. His owners, who have had him since he was kitten, put out the word that they wanted to "get rid of him" because he was hiding all the time and peeing all over the house. They suspected he was stressed because of a recent move and the addition of a dog to the family, but did not seek vet care/advice or try to do anything else to help this cat.

This morning everyone was scrambling trying to find foster care for him. Unfortunately, the family took the cat to the SPCA early this afternoon and requested he be euthanized. They complied.

I've said it before, but have to say it again. I'm so tired of people thinking
this is an acceptable way to deal with their pets. This cat deserves to be remembered and know that people cared enough to try to save him. I hope
he's now happy and and peace.
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RIP Atleast now he may rest in peace from the cruel world
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It is terrible that so many people think of their pets as disposable and not as family members. That poor kitty spent 2.5 years in a place with no love for him. Now that he's in Heaven he will get all the love he deserves.
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RIP, little one.
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Originally Posted by consumercity
It is terrible that so many people think of their pets as disposable and not as family members. That poor kitty spent 2.5 years in a place with no love for him. Now that he's in Heaven he will get all the love he deserves.

Sad, sad, sad. At least he is truly at peace now. I'm sure Willow will find him, and she can help teach him about love.
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MAN! I really dislike people sometimes!!!!!!!
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Godspeed over RB, precious kitty! How sad to have been so frightened, to be peeing all over the house - a cry for help that went unanswered... His owners will have to answer to a Greater Power for that one - I am sorry that the SPCA simply put him down - I guess they have an abundance of adoptable kitties, and figured he'd be hard to place. I am sure that the angels will give this wonderful cat the love & joy he has certainly earned! AS for what I'd like to think about the owners....
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How can you "get rid" of something thats been in your life for 2 1/2 years?! I'll never understand this sort of thing as long as i live

RIP little boy, have fun over the bridge because you'll be loved there
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RIP little one. So sorry you had such awful owners, who couldn't even let you go somewhere you could have had a chance.
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RIP brave little boy.
Im sorry us humans failed you. not all of us are like that. I am sorry you couldnt find someone who was humane.

On a brighter note and very similar. I only tell this to help our sad hearts for this poor unwanted guy.

A scared cold and hungry 2 year old solid black boy was found by one of my coworkers. She found him during the freezing rain we had on christmas. She fed him and tried to make a bed for him under her porch until the holiday was over. She, knowing my passion for cats, asked me what to do as she wanted the cat but was affraid to "steal" someones cat. But was more worried that he find a good home and be safe and warm. Having 3 of her own, she kept the boy separated over the weekend and eventually fell in love with his personality and plight.
Good thing for me and the cat, is that my coworker is a very responsible owner. She realizes the necessity of health checks and neutering for cats.

Working with the SPCA i volenteer for (part time work if you ask me as much as im there : ) ), they are able to find he had no ID tag or tatto and is willing to provide all the adoption standards (FEIV test, 1yr shots and neuter etc) for this cat and re-adopt him out to her at a reduced cost.


One unwanted boy saved, one unwanted boy needlessly euthinized. It doesnt balance out, but gives me hope that maybe one day there will be enough people like my coworker and people on TCS to make a global difference to peoples attitudes towards cats and animals in general.
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Wonderful post Middletown....thank you...
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Poor RB Boy. We love you, and Smudge will welcome you at the bridge and play with you and love you.
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