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peeing in the dog bed

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I have read the information about inappropriate peeing and have tried most if not all the suggestions I have read. So I am asking for additional help. Here's the deal. My kittie is a little over a year old. She recently had some blood in her urine that we-the vet- have determined to be urinary tract issues that have cleared up with meds. We switch her diet and all that has ended. She has taken to peeing in the dog bed. At first we thought it was because she thought the dog bed was a litter box and with her urgent need to pee that was what she used. But we watched her closely and now it seems to be spiteful. I bought a new bed and the very day, not even an hour after it came into the house, she peeed in it. We washed it several times and she continues to pee in it. So we switched to a pillow type dog bed, and she went over to it after several days and peed in it. So we now have a blanket for the dog and she has tried to pee in it, but we watch now and chase her away. We tried the citrus sprays, moving the bed to a different location, yelling no, spraying water, and still the same results. What is up with her? There have been no changes in the household and the dog and cat relationship is the same. What can we do to stop this as we have tried most of the hints posted here. She has been vet checked and everything is fine. HELP!
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You mentioned moving the dog bed to a different location but did you try moving it somewhere that she cannot get to, i.e. out of sight, out of mind?
Even if it means the dog doesn't have a bed for a short time it would be interesting to see how she would react if there was no dog bed in sight. Please let me know what transpires, I would be very glad to try and lend you any support.
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I have had that battle since we got out pups 2 years ago. One of the cats was simply not happy when we adopted the dogs and it's a habit that I've been trying to break since then.

I tried a lot of things. I only have beds that are machine washable or have an inside lining that is waterproof with a removable cover. If they happen to go on them, I immediately wash with a neutralizing solution.

I've moved the beds around a lot. The big breakthru was when I moved the bed away from the walls. If the bed is close to a wall, they walk up to it and spray. If the bed is in the middle of the room, they leave it alone. I guess I have to recommend to try to find a pattern in their behavior and change that pattern. Lots of trial and error in the meantime.

It is good that you started with a trip to the vet to control the UTI.
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