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Soft poohs!!

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Sorry that the subject line was a bit nauseating!!!

I am not overly concerned as Ollie is eating, drinking, playing and generally being the normal little mischief maker he is all the time!


Lately (say the last week;I have had him just over 3 weeks now, he is 17 weeks)His poohs are very soft (not runny at all but just very soft)
when we brought him home his poohs were hardish. I feed him when he wants to be fed with wet food (whatever is left after 30 minutes say I chuck)he also has dry food down all the time. Once a week I feed him a little white fish.He does get tid bits i.e ham, cheese, cat milk now and then. I try not to do everything by the book and treat him as an individual (a baby actually)I don't give him too much of the tid bits is what I mean!

I guess I just thought his poohs would stay the way they were when I brought him home.

Oh i hope you all don't think I am being paranoid!!


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Have you had him checked for worms? If not bring a stool sample to your vet and have him checked for any parasites.

Have you recently switched his food? Sometimes switching his food suddenly can cause him to have soft stools.

If you have given him table scraps all along and have never had a problem, had you given him something new?

Is there something he could have gotten into that would have brought this on?

If it was diarrhea I'd say to put him on a bland diet but it dosen't sound like it's nessisary yet. Try cutting out all his extras and just feeding him his cat food for a bit and see if that helps.
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When my kitty had soft stools, I took her to the vet, and it turned out she had worms. I'm not saying this is what's causing your cat's soft stools, but it could be an answer. Yucky, I know!
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