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Just Moved...

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I just moved into a house and my cat is now urinating in my bedroom (only place I've found so far, but who knows if it's anywhere else). I'm not sure if she's just nervous about the move, is smelling the previous owner's dogs or possibly has a UTI. She has never in the 4 years I've had her urinated anywhere except the litter box. This is also not the first time she has moved, this is the third time... she also comes with me to my boyfriend's house a lot, so she's used to being in new places.

She isn't spending tons of time back and forth to the litter box like I've seen my boyfriend's cat do with a UTI.

I don't know what to do... she can't keep this up.
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I don't know how long you have been in your new home but when you first move in it is best to ease the transition for your cat by putting her in one room, preferably the same room where you are going to keep her litter box. Since cats are very territorial and sensitive to their surroundings being changed it is better to keep them confined in the new house and slowly give them the run of the house but only when you are at home to supervise. Hope this helps, please keep us posted about her progress.
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I would suspect that she is responding to old stains and smells. Get a black light and shine it around your home. Clean up the old stains you see with www.zero-odor.com or anti-icky poo. Both are enzyme cleaners. I think you might be surprised at the amount of urine in the house. I know I was when we moved into this farmhouse. Literally every room had urine stains in it.
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You also ought to get her to the vet. Just a thought. Its not her fault if she has a UTI.
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This could be due to stress from the move. My last cat Pandora(rest her soul) use to pee on my bed only when I would go away for a week or two! Clearly being a statement of "How dare you go for so long!". Try giving her a lot of support and attention, talk to her a lot, try to make her more comfortable in her new home letting her know you understand. Ofcourse after you get a clean bill of health!
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Thanks everyone. I'm going to get her to the vet in the next couple of days. Although, I really think she's just acting out.

Hissy, I will definitely try the blacklight idea... much better than me trying to crawl around the floor and smell where she urinated. Plus I'll see if there are any dog stains to clean up with the enzyme cleaners. Honestly, I think my bedroom is the only place she is going. I hate to lock her out b/c she spends the day there. When I get home she is usually under my covers sleeping. When I was home Monday she spent the entire day up there even though I was home. She came out once in 6 hours.

I bought the Feliway plug-in and spray last night. Tonite when I got home she had gone on the chair in my room (slipcover with down cushions). Last night I had sprayed one side of the chair cushion with the Feliway. She went on the other side... figures. I also got an additional litter box and put it in the spare bedroom, she used it once. I guess I'll try putting it in my room instead.

She used go to bed when I did every night. I'd close the door say "nite nite time ripley" and she'd get in her blanket and go to sleep. Now I have to leave the bedroom door open and she just roams the room all night. I want my well behaved kitty back. She's been the best cat ever for the last 4 years.
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One thing you must make sure of is to NOT make her feel unwanted, just what she is doing is unwanted...........New surroundings may call for new daily interactions.......
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When we first moved into our home 3 years ago one of the cats was peeing in my daughters room. I bought another litter box and put in the room and the peeing stopped. I guess my cat(s) was telling me they wanted a litter box in that room.
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Well, she seem to be doing better. I put the litterbox in my room and she appears to be using it. I haven't noticed any other urine stains yet. I still have to get a black light and look for stains from the dogs that lived her previously. I'll do that next week.

Cheylink, I've been trying not to yell at her when I find the pee. It was most difficult when there was a huge puddle on my slipcovered chair with down cushions. I don't know how I'll get that clean. I think she was also upset because our normal routine was out of whack. We're getting back to normal now.

I have to go away overnight tonight and I hope she doesn't act out. Wish me luck.
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