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A Sad Cat

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We have had two sister cats for 14 plus years and sadly last week, one of our cats died - after spending a week at the vets, while they tried to find out the problem of her weight loss and growth in her bladder.

Her sister cat is healthy but is very distressed, each day she searches each room in the house looking for her sister, cries at 5am each morning waking us all up. We have tried to give her lots of love and attention, but wonder if there is anything else we can do?
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Seriously, sit her on your lap and talk to her. Just tell her what happened and how sorry you are. It really does work. Then just start spending more quality time with her, and be sure that she is eating and drinking. She is grieving, and grief can lead to health issues if you aren't careful.
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My heart goes out to you ... it is never easy to lose a long-time beloved companion and it is especially heartwrenching to watch our feline companions experiencing grief.

As Hissy suggested, spend a lot of good, quality time with her. I know that when my kittens go to their new homes, my queen grieves deeply ... I take her into my lap and hold her close - we literally cry together. It always helps to share the burden of pain and if you can grieve with her, it may allow her to not feel so alone.

I will hold both of you very close to my heart and in my thoughts, hoping that you are able to find some peace soon.

From my heart to yours,

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Dear Hissy and Gaye,
Thank you both for your suggestions and I will try spend lots of time with her..She is not eating very well and I am trying everything to make her feel loved and safe. I will try to sit her on my lap this evening and hope in time she will feel much more at peace.
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Poor kitty! I noticed my cats and dogs grived also when one feline member would pass away. We took the dogs and other cats with us when we burried them. My stepfather also let the dogs and cats get closer to see them so they could say goodbye and understand more what happend. Sometimes I will see one of the animals they still have looking out the window toward thier graves. I can't help but think they are paying thier respects to thier departed buddy.

I think there are some things people use to help thier cats relax when they bring them into a new situation. Maybe something like that would help too. (I'm not positive I remember what it is called.)
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firstly - I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved cat. It never is easy to loose a loved one - my heart goes out to you

I hope your 2nd cat starts to improve soon - please keep us updated on how she is doing - you have had some great advise already
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to what everyone else said, and here's from me too....
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I'm sorry for your loss, as well.
It will take time, but your love and understanding will help your grieving kitty heal.
Hugs to both of you during this difficult period.
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I think the advice that has been given so far is very good.
I just want to say that I am so, so sorry for your loss, and it breaks my heart to think of your kitty roaming around the house wondering where her sister is. My heart goes to you and to her.
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