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i'm new to the site. i am a (relatively) newlywed (just over a year). i recently returned to the midwest after living on the west coast for a year.

we have 3 cats. raven and nabu i got from someone i met at a temp job in college. my place was their third home and they were only 1 yr old at the time. they are a siamese mix, and littermates. stimpy is our new addition. i got him from the shelter i work at. he was left on the doorstep on a cold day in february. he was completely blocked (uti) when he came to the shelter. i think he picked me from day one. they are all sweet boys. they get along pretty well for stimpy only being here since march 1.

as i said, i work at a shelter. i love my job.

that's about all i can think of for now.
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Lucky you for working in a shelter! It must be an experience all it's own. I'd love to work for a shelter, mainly the MSPCA as an adoption counsler or even training the shelter dogs and teaching them a few manners so they have a better chance at getting a good home.

Since I can't work there for now I try and help them out as much as I can. Donations, fund rasiers ect.

I look forward to reading about your babies!!
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hi! welcome. you will enjoy it here!
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Welcome to the site! Be careful, it is very addictive! I'm also a fairly recent newlywed. We got married in Nov. 2000, but we've been together for over 6 years. Doesn't feel like we are newlyweds anymore!

Hope to see you posting often!
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Glad you have joined us, Raven!!!
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Hi Brenna and welcome! I'm also a newlywed (July 2001). You'll love it here. If you have any pics of your babies, please post them!
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Hi! I love your name! It must be fulfilling to work with the animals. I hope it's a no-kill shelter; otherwise, it would be heart breaking. Welcome to the Cat Site. I'm sure you will be very helpful to everyone.
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You'll enjoy it here! Glad to meet yah
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