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Vomitting while eating & other symptoms. What's wrong?!

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My 13 year old male Siamese has been vomitting while eating lately. He was in excellent health until about a year and a half ago. At that time, I took him into the vet for a skin infection and was told they suspected he was diabetic. Supposedly afull blood panel confirmed this, so he was on one shot of insulin per day until aabout two weeks ago...

Two weeks ago, he was hospitalized for what I thought was diabetic-related neuropathy on his left hind foot....the paw appeared to be numb, and he either dragged it or walked with it folded under. (Both back paws were white and numb) At that time I also told the vet that my cat's appetite had recently taken a nosedive. When I picked the cat up a few days later, the tips of his ears were purple, a fact never mentioned to me prior to my picking him up. I asked the on-duty vet about this and she said it could be an indication of a heart problem, which would explain the cold back feet. I switched vets and took Suki to a new vet about a week ago.

The new vet could find nothing seriously wrong other than some slight fluid in my cat's lungs. She said she could not proceed further until receiving the blood work from my old vets...of course I have already called my old vets three times, yet they have not faxed the blood work over. I will hound them more today and then if that fails, I'll have to pay for more blood work, though I'm not sure where the money will come from... Anyway, the new vet suggested feeding my cat with a syringe, which I have been doing. Today, I gave him a new kind of food which, to my pleasant surprise, seemed to greatly stimulate his appetite, but as he was eating, he began vomitting back into his bowl. THis is the first time I have seen him do this, and I now know that he (and not my other cat) has been doing this for about two weeks now. He has lost weight as well.

I have already spent close to a thousand bucks in recent weeks trying to find out what's wrong with Suki. I definitekly know I have to take him back to the vet, though I'm not sure how I'll pay for it. I just want to know if anyone out there has expereinced anything similar with their cat. I'd like to get an idea of what I might be dealing with, how serious it is, and/or how much treatement might cost.
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I would ask for a referral to a feline specialist, or if there is a vet school near you with a small animal practice, I would take your cat there. In the meantime, check to be sure the cat isn't becoming dehydrated, and just let the gut rest for 24 hours. See if he will lap up some plain yogurt with active cultures, and give him some pedialyte to balance his system. if he appears dehydrated- skin stays tented up when pinched, or the third eye appears, get him to the vet quickly.
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