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It's A Boy!!

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He has arrived!!

Welp, he made an early arrival - 3 weeks almost!! Born Wednesday, Dec. 21st @ 5:45 pm! He weighed in at 7 pounds 13 ounces and is 21 inches long! Pretty big for an early bird! (Holy cow what Would I have done if he was fully term?! )
We didnt pick out a name untill ... Saturday night. lol
We went through Everything! But, Jarrett picked "The One" with:

Jesse Cole DuQuenne

We were supposed to go in Wednesday anyway to have him turned .. at 10:00 am. Ha. He woke me up at 2:30 am with aweful contractions! lol To make a very long story of a sleepy and cluess husband .. we finally left the house to go to the hospital at 5am.

He had turned 1/2 way by the time we got there. Then, by the time they went to get an ultrasound machine .. he had comepletely turned head down! No C-Section for me!! Sweet. I was pretty far along by then into labor and will spare the details of dilation for those who dont wanna get that personal -Though I never mind telling.
After just 4 to 5 good pushed, he was here! He is adorable and so quiet! All he does is eat, sleep, poo and pee. He rarely cries - only when he gets a diaper change or new clothes. Hes a cuddle bunny just like Jake (Who LOVES to hold and kiss him!)

So there! Hes here! Our sweet gift.
Just in time for Christmas too!

Love from all,
Adriane and Jarrett, Jacob and Jesse
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Congrats mommy!!!

I hope he continues to be a quiet child! nothing is more fun than a screaming baby! LOL

And we want pictures as soon as you get some!!
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now we need pictures please!!!!
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YAY!! Congratulations!! now you gotta post piccies
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I can't wait to see pictures!
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Congratulations Adriane, Jarrett & Jacob

And welcome to the world little Jessie

what wonderful news to wake up to. I am so pleased that everything went so well

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Congratulations! And well done on avoiding a C-section! Phew, that's a bonus! Sounds like a lovely wee boy, what a wonderful Christmas present!
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Ooooo a new baby!! Congratulations!!
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Congratulations on a precious new baby son. I`m glad all went well for both of you!
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Great news! Another cat lover born to the world All kidding aside, pictures would be grand!
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And congrats to Foley! Any opinions from the furkid yet?
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Congratulations on the new addition to the family!! I have to concur - pictures of the little guy would be fabulous!
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Pics to come as SOON as I can get em!
I hated posting that great news with no pics! lol

Soon soon soon I promise!
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Wonderful! Nice name too!!! Sounds like a "cute guy" name!
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Congratulations, Mama! and Daddy, and Big Bro, and Fur Bro! Pics would be wonderful, Mum!
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I love the name! Waiting for pics, too!!!
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Great News I am really happy for you!

Cannot wait to see some photos, I am sure he will be a very handsome little man
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Congratulations!!! I'm SO glad he turned himself! Sounds like a sweet little boy.
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this a Great new of Ending year!!!
Congratulations Adriane from the bottom of my heart! ....My blesses to your young boy!!!
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