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Do Any of your cats...

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Follow you all over the house. If you go in the bathroom and close the door, they will cry until you come out? Then they look at you like, don't do it again?

They are sleeping on a chair next to you, and if you get up to go to the room, kitchen, or other place and they get up and go with you? Like they are afraid to lose you?

Come to you instantly when you open up a can of food for them?

Hates baths, but when you are doing the dishes, they climb up on the sink and watch you? And look at the water?

Rolls on their back and look at you, wanting a belly rub?
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I almost always have a little black shadow named Trent. My husband has a little black and while shadow named Ophelia. Most of the time, they will leave (or stay where they are) if it is serious nap time. Usually, they have to at least be in the same room. Trent gets really bad separation anxiety. If go away for even a long night, he is glued to me the next day. Since we have two doors to the bathroom, unless we have guests, we just leave at least one of the doors cracked so the babies can come in if they want to. Are they spoiled or what???

I didn't realize just how much of a sucker Daddy was until the kittens (they started this pretty young) would go racing from whatever they were doing whenever he went in the kitchen. They don't do it with me, just him.

Trent likes his tummy rubbed. Ophelia will rip you to shreds if you so much as think about her tummy. What Trent usually does, though, is come up on the couch, have me cradle him like a baby (mostly sitting up, but I have to support him) and have me rub his tummy that way.
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I always have a shadow or two following me around. When Xavier gets in his snuggley mood he'll follow me everywhere. He likes to sit up on the bathroom counter and watch me put my make-up on.

Fallon will follow you into the bathroom but when you shut the door she'll start crying to get out. Once you leave the bathroom Sampson is sitting on the bookcase's shelves and Mitzi usually just hangs out in the kitchen on her part of the counter where she eats.
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My cats Do everthing Above, especially with the Bathroom, meowing for me to get out.
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The only time I let my cat in the bathroom is when I'm in there. My older cat is more independent, unless I have lap. I always say she's addicted to lap because anytime you sit cross legged she runs to get in your lap. The little one is such a love, he can't stand to not know where you are. And sometimes he loses me, and will meow until I meow back and comes running. I love it! His unconditional constant overwhelming love of me is so awesome.
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Opie doesn't meow, at the bathroom door. Since its just Bill and me, here, I don't, usually, close it. Opie does, however, come in and sit on the side of the tub. He likes to watch me, when I'm in the tub, too. Opie doesn't like it, when we are outside. I guess that, since outside isn't a good place for kitties, it isn't a good place, for anyone. I go out to the patio, to smoke and read. Opie sits in the window and claws at it, meowing loudly. Bill and I were, both, out there, this afternoon and Opie sat at the screen door and carried on, at the top of his lungs, telling us to get inside. For the past two weeks, he's, also, been trying to get me to put his chair back where it was, even though he can, still look out of the window from it. There is, also, a table there, now, that he can sit on. As a matter of fact, its just the right height for him. Wonder how he's going to react to the new sofa? Thank God, he doesn't claw furniture!
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My cat, Noah, is always following me around! Especially if I go into the bedroom-he will pratically run me down trying to beat me into the bedroom so he can be sitting on the bed waiting for me. I have no idea what his facination with the bed is, but whenever I make the bed, he has to be there, watching me smooth over the sheets and duvet cover! It's absolutely adorable. Cleo, my boyfriend's cat, doesn't follow us around unless we've been away for the day. Then she's lovey-dovey for a few hours until she's bored with us, then she's back to being independent! How different the two are!!
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for months milo would watch me wash dishes and follw me every where. she does not do it as much now for some reason.
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In our house, one cannot open the fridge door. As soon as they hear that, at least 4 of the kids come running. Only the girls have a desire to visit the bathroom when one of us is in there with the door shut. Cally believes that is her personal room as that is where I kept her for two days until I could get her to the vet.

Elmer is the watch-kitty. He lets us know when any alarms are going off. The alarm clock, the kitchen timer, the house alarm being set or turned off, etc. That is his personally appointed job here.

Crinkly bags of any type are also kitty-callers. They always think it's their treats.

Our kitties tend to follow us around during the day, but not so much at night as then they prefer to nap on the bed when the electric blanket is on. Hubby turns it on extra early for them. Only the sound of possible imminent munchies will disturb them then! :laughing:
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The only one Snowball doesn't do is watch me wash dishes. He doesn't meow at the bathroon door, he waits until we come out and then he starts meowing really loud, and it almost sounds like he is scolding us for leaving him alone.
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Yep, they all follow us around! Gizmo, especially. He will sit and cry if you are in the bathroom, and he won't stop until you either say his name or let him in!!
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All of the above!
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Sometimes my kitties will follow me when I get up to go somewhere. They almost trip me running to get ahead of me too lol. Whenever I go into the bathroom my kitties immediately run and jump onto the side of the tub then onto the toilet lid then onto the sink, then they lay down in the sink and won't move. Its too cute. They always come running when we open up the drawer where the cats treats are. Its like they know that something good is coming.
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Dido to all of the above...
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I always have company in the bathroom! Precious jumps up on the sink if I'm there very long, and Blueberry sits on the side of the bathtub, looking longingly at the bubbles. One of these days I think he's going to reach too far, and get a big shock.
I used to have a cat who loved to watch the commode flush. All I had to do was jiggle the handle, and if he wasn't already there to hear the other sound effects (which all of my cats seem to like!), he would run and put his paws on the seat and watch. That was his favorite game. Sometimes he was too late and not wanting to disappoint him, I flushed it again! Oh, what kind of weird people are we, anyhow?
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Every try putting on your shoes and when you tie them, the cat is there trying to catch the laces. Sometimes, he succeeds and untie me again!
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Trent has a shoelace thing too! He's usually more interested in helping me untie them though. Then he can play with them longer.

Ophelia did the funniest thing today at lunch. I was eating leftover pizza on the couch, and had the garlic butter sauce sitting next to the plate. I was watching Headline News and didn't even notice her jump up on the couch (she's little and very light-footed). I go to dip my crust into the garlic butter and she is lapping it up like there is no tomorrow! :tounge2: I was laughing to hard to stop her. She usually has impecable table (couch) manners and will wait patiently for anything we may give her, but not today!! She's never done that sneak attack before. Any good sneaky kitties out there??
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Well, this morning, I was putting on my jeans and when I stuck my leg out to put it into the pants, Rascal jumped up out of nowhere and tried to catch my leg. Also, when I go to the bathroom, we would be wating for me and when I come out, he will jump on my leg, tryintg to catch it.
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Sparky is our food thief and he has a thing for chicken. One evening my daughter left her chicken leg on her plate and went in the other room to get a drink. I was distracted by the phone ringing so I wasn't paying attention. I got back just in time to see Sparky swagger across the living room with that chicken leg sticking sideways out of his mouth. He was so proud! He noticed me and just started growling to protect his "catch". Usually I take bones away from them, but I sat on the sofa and watched him eat. I mean, how could I take it away when he was sure he was such a good hunter? I gave my daughter another piece of chicken (I wouldn't have given it back to her anyway) and she was just as happy.
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Orginally posted by Valanhb
I go to dip my crust into the garlic butter and she is lapping it up like there is no tomorrow!
Hahahahahaha!!!!! That sounds exactly like something Snowball would do! We have to guard our food very carefully whenever Snowball is around, otherwise we would find him helping himself!!
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The shoelace thing is pandemic. I, frequently, wear granny boots, with long laces and, for years, I have had many scuffles while trying to tie the shoes. The best, though, is my shawl, with ankle-length fringe. I have, always, had to carry it bunched up and put it on, outside. Otherwise, I have an extra, furry accessory dangling from it.
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When I get into bed, I usually curl up on my left side first. My Murphy tiptoes up my right side, perches almost on my right shoulder and expects to be petted with my left hand! He just adores this! When I'm ready to do laundry, he helps me empty the laundry basket. I'll partially lift something out of the basket and he'll swat at it until it goes flying across the floor. Needless to say, I don't tempt him with the delicates because sometimes claws are involved. You gotta luv em!

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