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Going home?

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Jeff & I have been so busy latley with all the wedding planning and whatnot..and it's so difficult with the venue being so far away. Well there is some possible very good news for our future...Jeff has a job interview back in SW Ontario at the beginning of January...which would bring us to a 2 hour car drive to our families compared to the 28 hour drive we currently have. I am really crossing my fingers on this one..I must admit I have been pretty homesick latley If you could spare some vibes for Jeff that his interview goes well it would be greatly appreciated.

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Sending out a ton of good vibes to you and Jeff!! Lets hope that the interview goes really great for him. Being that far away from home would really kill me too! I am only 2 hours from my family now and that seems like a lot sometimes-but that will only be a hop skip and a jump for you compared to that 28 hour drive!!

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Sending out LOTS of good interview vibes. That would be wonderful if you could get that close to your families.
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Oh that would be awesome for you guys! Here's some good vibes {{{{}}}}}
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~~~~~~~~ Good vibes ~~~~~~~
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OOOooohhhh, that would be awesome! I couldn't imagine living so far from my family. I hope he gets the job!!!!
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Oy! 28 hours is a long drive! I hope you can find something closer to family! Good luck on the interview Jeff!
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Jeff is in my prayers Dear Tracy!!!
Good luck to him!!! I wish to heart that he can reach this goal!!!
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That is so hard to be so far from the rest of your family.....I`m hoping he gets the job so you can be closer.
Let us know how it goes!
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Sending vibes your way. I know you will miss the beauty of your remote location but it would be nice for you to be close to family again.
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Thank you for all the well wishes everyone!!, it makes me feel so much matter what the outcome is
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Sending lots of good vibes your way!
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