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I'm so mad right now!

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Just need to vent a little and will try to make a long story short.

Last week I had an email from the coordinator of our little rescue group about a pitbull mix puppy who was being mistreated in a local neighborhood.
The puppy was turned over to our local country shelter by its owner, who's daughter was abusing it. The family has a history of abusing animals. Because the puppy had some type of skin disease and because it was part pitbull, which are illegal to own in Cincinnati, it was euthanized almost immediately. While all this was happening our coordinator was trying to make contact with the shelter to save the puppy and turn it over to a no-kill
rescue group. Sadly, she was too late.

Our local county shelter is notorious for euthanizing animals quickly, along with being basically ineffective when it comes to investigating and prosecuting animal cruelty cases. I was so angry about the above situation that I fired off a pretty nasty email from work to the investigator handling the case. This morning my boss gave me a letter he had received from the director of the shelter saying he found the letter "offensive" given all the wonderful work they do in our community. My boss wasn't mad at all. He justed wanted to make sure I don't make it a practice of dealing with this kind of thing at work.

Granted I shouldn't have used my work email to contact the investigator.
But, what really makes me mad is that the shelter director was so unprofessional. Although the organization I work has a lot of influence in community affairs, our higher ups aren't interested in taking a position on how the shelter operates. If he thought I was going to get in some kind of trouble for writing the email, he was wrong. Why didn't he have the guts to contact me directly? It seems to me like he's just trying to cover his tracks, which he does a lot of. I'm definitely going to fire off another letter - just from home this time.

Thanks for letting me vent!
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All I have to say is "You go girl" !!!

I am proud of you for standing up for that innocent dog whose life was filled with abuse and was never given the chance to have a loving family. Or be loved at all.

And when you email him again from home.... tell him I said....
And that I hope that baby dog visits him in his dreams!!
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We ran afoul of our Animal Control when we tried to get them down to a neighbor's house to pick up a puppy that our neighbors had.

The puppy was "given" to them and they tossed it in the back yard with no food or water. Another neighbor and myself fed the puppy for three days before we finally had had enough and complained to the park manager.

He was mad at me, because the neighbors were of Latino extraction and according to him "didn't understand what I was telling them". You should hear them swear, in English.

It took another three days to get the puppy picked up. I don't know what happened to it, but the next time something like that happens, I am taking the animal for myself and I will deal with it.
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I find that's one of the most satisfying things about watching `Animal Precinct'. They try SO hard to get the owners under arrest and charged for what they have done. That doesn't really happen here - there are no laws in my state specific to cruelty towards cats, although there are for everything else.
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Arizona has tough animal cruelty laws and routinely puts people in jail, for it.

I was observing in Tombstone Magistrate's Court, when a guy was sentenced to 3 days in jail AND a $300 fine, for punching his Lab mix in the nose. The guy did this, right on the street, in front of the deputy who arrested him. The dog was in court and was such a sweetie.

Too bad about the puppy. I'm sure that a youngster could have been turned into a good pet.
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That poor baby puppy! We had a litter of puppies being starved to death next to us when I lived in a very small town in this area. They had no animal control, and my calls to the Humane Society were never returned. (Well, they returned them AFTER the situation had already been remedied, actually.)
Finally, the local chief of police (the town was only pop. 725) came over personally, put the puppies in the back seat of his car and took them to the Animal Protective League. I thought that was the greatest thing in the world, seeing this big, tough cop load up those poor babies in his own car.
I hope that pitbull puppy haunts that unprofessional director. Of course, considering the lack of concern that was shown already, it's doubtful.
Hopefully, Karma is a you-know-what that will bite them in the rearend, though!
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Well, my letter to this guy is in the mail as of today. I had to wait a few days before writing it in order to calm down. I've decided I'm also going to find out who his boss is (I'm thinking someone at the county level) and let him know how unprofessional he acted.

Just in the past week, I've been hearing even more negative things about our SPCA. They killed a frightened young male cat turned in by its owner almost immediately, even as some local rescue groups were scrambling to save him. A couple who adopted a kitten from us over the weekend, said they'd been to the SPCA to look and found it to be too depressing and that many of the animals looked sick.

I'm beginning to wonder if our county commissioners really know how the SPCA is handling things. Maybe it's time for some letters to them too.
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Our shelter had an issue once with animal control. There was a litter of kittens found in a trash compactor (as if that's not horrible enough). When they were found one person called animal control, another person our shelter. Unfortunately by the time we got there animal control already had them. We begged & pleaded to let us take them, the director even called them. For whatever reason they wouldn't let us. I only hope that because they were kittens they were placed with another shelter for adoption. I wish animal control would let other shelters just take the animals, but I suppose thier hands maybe tied based on local laws.
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I just got to work and noticed an SPCA van parked outside our office building. I got a little worried it was here as a result of my nasty letter to the director. I wouldn't put it past the guy, considering how he's handled things in the past. I can think of any reason why the SPCA would be here though.
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