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Seth Bumped Her Head

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Yesterday, Seth was playing on the couch and got overexcited, flipping off the edge of the couch and bumping her little head on the kitchen floor (made a loud thud, but I didn't really see how big the impact was). She acted fine for most of the day, so I forgot all about it.

Later on, she was loving up to me, and bit me REALLY hard when I petted her head. I didn't know what was going on because she hadn't bitten me really hard in weeks--I was thinking "Oh, Lord, not this again!" But then I realized that her head was probably sore from her fall and decided to just pet her on her shoulders or her back.

This seems to be working better, but she keeps forgetting that she has a sore head and rubs against my hand or a piece of furniture; I can see it in her eyes that she's bruised and it doesn't feel good when she does this. She has no swelling or signs of serious injury. She's still playing a lot, and eating just fine.

Any ideas on how I can make her boo-boo better? Or make her more comfortable? Has anyone else had this happen?
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I don't think there's anything you need to do, except wait and watch for any complications. I suppose if it was a person, it would be recommended to put an ice pack on it, but I don't know if that's advisable with a cat. You can't feel it and you don't know how much they can take. Cats, especially young cats, heal very fast and have remarkable recuperative powers. I think if you're just observant, and watch for any neurological symptoms.
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Thanks for your reply, coaster. I"m just a worrywort, and I feel so bad for getting angry with her and giving her a timeout in the bathroom for biting me. I apologized to her so many times today. She seems to still be doing fine...taking her on-schedule nap!
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Twitch thwacks her head quite frequently. She doesn't have the depth perception a normal cat would, so she runs into walls & does't realize doors are there, etc. I usually just let her be to heal. I give her some catnip & pet her good all over her body(when she hits her head). I did put a cool washcloth on top of her head & sometimes she puts up with it, but only for a a few seconds.
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If you place your hand over her head a few inches, not directly on her head and you feel heat rising up to met your palm she has bruised herself and is undoubtedly sore. If the heat intensifies than I would take her to the vet, or if she is off her food, staggering, third eyelid showing etc..etc..anything out of the ordinary.
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She's eating lots, no staggering at all. She's been a bit shy ( sometimes running from us and hiding when we come down the hallway)--so I feel that this has put her back a bit on her coming-out-of-her-shell-phase. She's been much more careful with her jumping as well...seems like she gets the idea that she hurt herself while she was rowdy.

She took an extra nap this morning, but that may because she got toy-happy when she got into the catnip and wore herself out.

As for heat on her head, I haven't felt anything abnormal. She's back to trying to rub her head against me, but I've been trying to avoid letting her because I don't want her to experience the pain.
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If she's head-butting you, I doubt she's feeling much pain any more. Good to hear she's improving and there aren't any complications!!
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