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Update on Rascal

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Rascal has become more loving. He loves to play with his fake mice. How long does it take for the aggresion to stop? And how long does the wounds heal? He ate like a hog the other day! Last night, he woke me up at four in the morning because he wanted to play. Started rubbing on my face and he layed on my neck!
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I am glad to hear that Rascal is recovering. Unfortunately, I don't know the answers to your question about aggression. When Trent had was neutered, he was pretty much healed within a week. He didn't even have stitches, though. The incision was small enough that they just let it heal itself. Trent always was a snuggly little guy, but he is super lovey now. Sounds like Rascal is turning into a snuggle-monster too!
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My kitten was only 7 weeks when he was neutered, so he recovered pretty much instantly. I picked him up a few hours after the surgery, and while he was pretty groggy, he was trying play and purring. I think most cats are pretty forgiving of specific instances.
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Sounds like Rascal is doing well! That is great news!!!
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