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Devon vs Cornish Rexes

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Interesting to read the favorite breeds of people. Just curious tho: to those who have the devon rex on their list.

Why do you prefer devon over cornish rexes? I was the only one there with cornish I like the more racy/oriental type of cats. And it seems the cornish will hold their coats better then devons. Granted the personality of both are the same, but what is it about devons you like compared to cornish?

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I like the looks of the Devon Rex. I don't wanna have a "oriental looking" cat, they don't appeal to me.

I love the grim look of a Devon Rex How can you NOT fall inlove with them?

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Didn't say I couldn't fall in love with them but I do like the more slendar build. I guess if you look at the lists, people tend to stay within a certain body type and not be too opposite

And when looking at the rexes before we decided, most of the devons were out of coat and patchy looking. I didn't like that - I liked the more coated cornish at the time.
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I like the shape of the devon rex face/head. The coat is not the reason why I like them. I like the large ears, the smaller face. The eflin look Ive heard it called.
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I tend to prefer a more oriental looking cat myself - the devons are beautiful with their little pixie shaped faces, but my heart belongs to the wedge-shaped and tubular oriental looking kitties ...
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