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I just read this thread, I'm so sad that little Tom Thumb didn't make it.

It is such a comfort, though, that he did spend his short life in the loving hands of someone who could offer comfort and warmth for him. You are an angel, thank you for sharing the story of Tom's short life with us. He was a beautiful little darling.

Rest in peace little Tom, you touched many hearts with your presence.
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Sweetie, you already know my thoughts and feelings on this. I wish we could save them all, but sometimes God wants them more.

I will move the thread with sorrow in my heart. But I am glad he had you if only for a moment.
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So sorry to hear that, at least he had lots of love and attention in his short life. RIP little one.
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i am so so sorry you lost the little guy.

you did all you could for him.
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Oh, Tania, I'm so incredibly sorry you lost your special little one. You gave little Tom so much tender love during his time here with us. You are truly so amazing. Play happily in Heaven, precious Tom, so full of health, always watching over your angel, Tania, here on earth.
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Oh Tania, I'm so sorry you lost sweet little Tom Thumb. He's playing happily at the Bridge now, full of the love you gave him in his short time here on earth. Rest in Peace little one.
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Deepest condolences on the loss of precious Tom. How painful, to spend such time and love, and have to say goodbye too soon. Prayers for your comfort, Tania.

Rest in peace, little Tom. You were loved, by Tania, and many others all over this world. Enjoy your days in the sun, strong and whole.
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Awww Tania...i'm so sorry. He was such a little cutie too.
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I'm so sorry Tomb Thumb didn't make it.
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I am so sorry Tom Thumb didn't make it. He had lots of love in his short time with you. You have such a wonderful heart to take in these little babies to love and nurture.
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Tania, I am so sorry to hear this.

With regards to the swollen paws, that is the #1 sign that a kitten is over cooked (over due) - we have had many of these kittens born with big swollen paws before.
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Awww, I am seeing this late, poor baby Tom, you were a special little baby. May you forever RIP.
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Originally Posted by hissy
I am glad he had you if only for a moment.
you are an for these poor little ones, making their lives the best they can be for as long as you can i couldn't do it
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I'm just catching up to this thread and I'm so sorry about wee Tom. God gave him to you to make his last days loving ones. Bless you.
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