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kittens on the courtains!!!

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Recently my 4 months kittens discovered that climbing on the courtains is very funny...I tried to spray the courtaisn with a lemon flavoured spray but anyway they still try to climb...What can I do?? I dont want to use water on them because the point is to avoid them climbing anyway...
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Trim their claws! This is very easy, especially when they are young, that is the best time to get them use to this. Only trim the very tip, where it is white, and be sure to have them in a relaxed state(as much as you can) before starting. I even use good toe nail clippers to trim sweety's, and she thanxs me! Lemon scent is not much of a deterent as well. They do sell sprays that are spacifically designed to deter animals from furniture, maybe this would work.
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When our "boys" were young and tried climbing the LACE curtains....I just start clapping my hands together close to them and would pick them off and unhook their claws from the lace, saying "NO! NO!" the whole time....then distract them (even if only momentarily) with a toy. It took some patience and presistance...but neither of them bother with the curtains at all anymore. (With the rare exception of a bug getting into the curtains....then they will go after the critter....but not intentionally after the curtains....then I just have to remove the bug myself , and show it to them, to make them uninterested in "the hunt".
Hopefully this will work for you too.
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You might try taping some aluminum foil to the curtains. Then when the kittens jump up on the curtain, they'll hook the foil, pulling it off, causing them to fall back down to the ground with the foil on top of them. Quite an unpleasant, but harmless experience. If this happens a couple times it might deter their desire to climb the curtains.
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I'm a little proud to say the I taught my rex kittens that curtain climbing was not the IN thing to do before they left my home at 4 months of age.

As they had free run of the house growing up, they would discover curtains and swinging. I used a combo of a sharp "NO" and clap my hands when they started or got the water bottle out. If doing it consistantly and catching them each time with either method they soon learned there was other things much better to get into.

If you don't have one, get a nice tall tree house climber for your kitten. The water bottle works wonders! Our 6 month old kitten found that out with the Christmas tree - about 6 times of being hit with water, she no longer has any interest in climbing the tree or playing with the decorations

I've had compliments from those owners of my kittens of "your kittens are so well trained, they don't even climb the curtains like all the others I've had in the past - how did you train them so well?" I believe in stopping bad habits before they start (curtains and furniture scratching are big no-no's).
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