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Chester's Cat Naps?

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Hi Everyone,
For christmas this year my mom gave me a little cheetah print kitty bed for Chester that is really quite nice. It can be a cozy little nest bed or can pop up into a little cube with a door for Chester to curl up in... I was very excited to receive it but Chester isnt! He will go in it just fine and lay down but in a few seconds he just steps back out and falls asleep on the floor! I am getting quite frustrated! I have tried putting catnip & toys in it but he doesnt wanna sleep in there! He would rather just sleep in the bath tub or the hamper or just on the floor! How can I convince him to sleep in his new bed??? Why doesnt he want to? Its very soft and comfy!
Please Help Me,
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i saw some like that at Sam's - they were cute! give up - you can't make a cat sleep where you want them to! he may decide later that he likes the bed after all - that's what mine did!
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When i just had Rosie i bought her one of those hooded beds, and no matter how many times i put her in it, left treats and toys inside there was no way she was going to sleep in it, so i gave it to one of our local shelters.

I bet if you put a blanket in the place he normally likes to sleep in he would curl up on that because thats what Rosie did.
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Yeah, I don't know....I've got unused cat beds around here, too. Cats sleep where cats want to sleep.
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this whole thread made me giggle. as a new cat owner I went out and bought a wicker thing with a cave on the bottom and a bed on top. I made fleece linings and thought it was the coolest thing for my kitten. the only time she goes near it is when I am playing with her and her knitted mouse "crawls up there". She catches it and proudly jumps down and brings it back to the sofa. I am learning I can influence a cat but not get her to anything she doesn't want. (Except her meds, I subdue her for that)
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That`s funny....I know that cats have a way of picking their own napping places...but you might try taking something from where he usually sleeps and putting it in his "NEW" bed....something with his own smell on it.
Another thing is to wait till he`s picked a spot and fallen fast asleep...then gently pick him up and put him in it and give him a few pets. If he`s sleepy enough to stay there , and gets used to waking up there, perhaps he will begin to use it more.
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