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CoCo goes ballistic!

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My 17 y/o ds came home from his Dad's today. He was playing video games in the kitten room, and generally being loud. He has ADD, and while he is not as rowdy as some kids with it, he is louder than the other kids, and bigger at 17!

About an hour ago, he went back into the kitten room/game room. He walked over near the kitten cage to turn on a lamp. The kittens have been exploring the room as they are about 3-1/2 weeks old. He says he accidentally kicked a few kittens on the way to the lamp, but they were not injured and did not even cry out. But CoCo hissed at him. So in typical ADD "act first think later" fashion, he jumped over the kittens to back away from CoCo. She followed him, jumping over the kittens into full attack. As he exited the room with her attacking, she turned on my dog, an 86 lb akita, in the hallway.

Luckily, the dog, Misty, was raised with cats, and does not return injury when attacked by a cat. I pulled Misty away, and pushed CoCo back into her room with my foot, and ds using a small kids chair like a lion tamer!

DS has several scratches and one bite on his thigh. I have several scratches on my leg. Misty seems to be ok. And as far as I can see, CoCo and the babies are ok. But I am not exactly inspecting them! She hissed when I just entered the room to spray feliway around. But she quit when I spoke to her.

Poor CoCo, fearing for her babies safety. Poor ds, bore the brunt of his bad decisions. And poor Misty still has no idea of what happened!

We have washed and put ointment on the minor wounds. Hopefully CoCo will let me keep putting her ear medicine in her ears. And I need to figure out how to unplug the Playstation, so the kids can play on the living room TV with their Christmas presents!

I seriously need to limit the number of cats I foster. Although I am still glad that I saved CoCo from her previous home where she had no vet care...I gotta remember to just say no!
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CoCo hissed at me last night when I entered her room, but did calm down and let me put the medicine in her ears. I now have a piece of cardboard in the room as a shield just in case. (Oh, Hissy, why didn't I listen?!?)

She is a tame kitty, but definitely has a fierce protective streak for those babies. I gave her KMR after the medicine this morning, so she wouldn't be too upset. Then I checked the babies. I can't believe little Midnight is doing so well. He is definitely smaller than the others, but remains very active. I can't wait until they are 4 weeks so I can worm them with Stongid...I hate knowing he is fighting a virus, fleas and worms.

I have lost so many kittens, and with him being another black one like my beloved Mattie (FIP), and little BB (Sugartoes baby who died at 2 days old), I just really want him to be ok.

DS was still in bed when I left for work. Hopefully he will be fine, too. I really don't want him to get any infection!
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sounds pretty exciting around your house! Hope things calm down soon...its been pretty intense since i brought Molly home at my place!
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She was fine tonight. I went in after work and played with the babies, and they crawled all over me. She did fuss a little when the kids made noise in the hall outside the room. But she is nursing, and caring for the babies. And now the kids are playing Playstation 2 in the front room!
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Any cat bite wound should be looked at by a doctor- your son may need antibiotics.
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I did observe it very closely. It has luckily healed up very nicely. I did warn him about the possibility of infection. So far we have been very lucky our minor injuries.

CoCo has not seen my older son since the incident. When I am in her room, if I hear him talking loud in the next room, CoCo will growl. She really doesn't like that boy. She has been fine (supervised) with the other kids, but now I put her into the carrier if they want to come in and really play with the kittens.
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Never a dull moment at your house then?
Hope the wounds all heal up well.
Coco sounds like a good mom, looking out for her babies.
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Originally Posted by pushylady
Coco sounds like a good mom, looking out for her babies.
And you sound like a true catlady! LOL!
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