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Tuffy's eye problem,,

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Hi, Today Tuffy's right eye was dripping water or something. Its always his right eye. I want the vet to look at him but if anyone out there has any ideas as to what to look for that I can suggest if the vet don't know what to look for? Maybe would help find out whats wrong.

Can most vets do much with checking the eyes or is there specialists for such things?

I sure hope its not a sign of him still having a infection of some kind going on yet.
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My little Frankie gets watering eye and gets stuffed up.. After numerous trips to the vet he has allergies. We have to give him anithistamines that were approved by the vet in low dose. Maybe its allergies or infection, but your kitty needs to see the vet.
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A vet will know what to do. It may be a little irritation from dust or litter something or it may be the start of an infection.
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Loki also get a watery eye - his left! Had it checked several times and was told it's an irritation / possible allergy of sorts. As long as the discharge is clear just keep an eye on Tuffy and in case of a change call the Vet
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His right eye had the worst of the infection. The inner lid had almost covered his right eye when he found me and there was tons of yellow junk comming out of it. Same thing with his left eye but not as bad. His left eye cleared up right away on his first antibiotics and has been good ever since. His right eye looks fine but most of the time he looks like his right eye is crying and this morning he had what looked like water dripping from it.

I have been wondering if something has been in there all this time and the eye is trying to wash it out. Sometimes he has that eye closed or almost closed like it is hurting him.

So this has been going on since I have had him, The vet thought it was from the congestion in his head before he went on the zithromax but he has not coughed or had a sneezing attack in a long time. His breathing is real quiet and normal. To me he seems in great shape now eccept for the eye problem.

I will call vet in the morning and see if she can see him. Would allergies only make one eye act up?
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He could also have a blocked tear duct that the vet can sometimes flush out using a small irrigation catheter...I would's quite possible that it got blocked with "gunk" from his eye infection and now can't drain properly.
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My wife Yvonne who is a RN was wondering the same thing, if he had a blocked tear duct. I will ask the vet to check that out also if she doesn't on her own.
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Originally Posted by menagerie mama
He could also have a blocked tear duct that the vet can sometimes flush out using a small irrigation catheter...I would's quite possible that it got blocked with "gunk" from his eye infection and now can't drain properly.
I agree with that. I don't think an allergy would affect just one eye. Hope your kitty's eye is better soon.
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A little update, the other day Tuffy was sleeping and I noticed a yellow discharge in the corner of his right eye. I thought not this stuff again!!. Anyway I woke him up and looked at his eye close and I touched the yellow drip and it was hard so I pulled on it and it came off and what lookes like a hair came out with the yellow stuff, it was about a 1/4" long.

Since I got that thing out of his eye I have not seen it tear up the last couple days so maybe that was the problem all along and his system finally worked it out.

If it tears up again I will have to take him in and have it checked out. I need to get him in and get him "fixed" soon anyways so I can tell the vet about his eye and maybe she can check it out close.
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Just a question, but did you have a party or any company on new years? The stress could have brought the eye infection out of hiding Do you have a feliway dispenser at your house? I see that you have a few other cats, and they might be stressing Tuffy out. I hope he gets better soon!
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He has had trouble with his right eye since I got him home. I can't believe I have had him here for almost 5 months already. It will be 5 months on the 7th.
We had some people over for Christmas but he don't get stressed out over that. He slept on his favorite old pillow in my old rocking chair most of the time the people were here. I am sorry I don't know what a feliway dispenser is?
Since I pulled that yellow stuff and the hair or whatever it was which was also covered in the yellow stuff out of his eye I have still not seen it tear up and the right eye also don't look so sunken in his head like it was for so long, it matches his left eye now. So maybe those days when it was really dripping stuff out of it the hair or whatever was in there finally worked its way out. I hope so, that was the only problem he was having after the zithromax treatment. His cold shaking spells are gone, his bad coughing attacks are gone, his bad sneezing attacks are gone, His diarea has cleared up, I think I finally got rid of his ear mites, So if his eye is better I think he is as good as he is going to get. And after the second worming treatment I think he has gained more weight, he is not a big kitty but he sure is a heavy little guy, I bet he is up to 11 or 11.5 lbs now and he still looks thin. He was down to only 5.4 lbs his first trip to the vet almost 5 months ago.

So I hope he is all done with meds and vet trips and all that stuff and he can be just a normal kitty cat for the first time in a LONG time.
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Well his eye was all teared up again, So I guess I need to get him in to have it looked at close. He also holds it half shut sometimes like there is something in it that hurts him. He did so good for a few days after I pulled that hair or whatever it was out of his eye.
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I would check into one more thing since you are not sure what what you pulled out of his eye.

Eyeworms are small pests (about 1/2 inch long) that infect tear ducts, the lining of the eye (conjunctiva), and under the eye lids. This is not a common disease in cats overall, and is more prevalent on the west coast than the east coast. Symptoms include excessive tearing, conjunctivitis, and even light sensitivity. Eyeworms are generally transmitted by flies and can be treated through topical anesthetic to the eye or even manual removal using tweezers (do not try this at home - this can and should be done by your vet).

It's worth having your vet look into this.

Plenty of huggs and kisses for Tuffy
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Hi, I will ask the vet about the eye worms. Thanks for the idea.
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How is Tuffy doing with his watery eye?
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Hi, Thanks for the concern about Tuffy, I am sorry to say we didn't have the money early this week for a vet visit. His eye watered bad that one day after I got that thing out but has been ok since. I am thinking of getting him in tomorrow if they can see him just to have it checked for the worms. It grosses me out to think he might have things living in his eye.

I also noticed something on the back of his head behind his right ear. Is fur is so fine and close together I can't get it spred to see his skin. It feels like a scab or something about 1/4" long. I can pick at it with my fingernail and it don't bother him but I also can't get a piece of it to come off. So maybe it is a scar from something that happened long ago. Where do these chips get inserted in kitty cats? I don't think he has one but I wondered if he has a scar that idea crossed my mind. I see tonight he also has a fresh scrape above his left eye, it is red but not bleeding, I have a feeling that little snot Angel clawed him there, she don't like Tuffy for some reason, He can't even walk past her on the floor and she will attack him. He goes out of his way to avoid her, He can kick her butt if he wants because I have seen him do it but she still has a attitude towards him. Rusty is also starting to not let Tuffy lay by him. I think it is probably because Tuffy maybe tried to make babys with Rusty and Tuffy bit him to hard. I have to get him in and get that taken care of. He don't spray but he tries to mount Panther and Rusty alot, Maybe thats why Angel won't let him near her also?

Sorry to get way off track in my answer.
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