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Haven't been by in a while.

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Hey ppls its been a while since i have come by, since my little man lost his leg i think. anyways since then my neighbors finally moved. YAY!!!! They left 2 of thier cats behind which we have now taken in. We took them to the vet for the first time today and found out they both have heart murmers. They are sisters and we dont know much at all about heart murmers so if any of You have any info You could give us on this it would be very helpful =) thank You all so much.

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How old are they? Some young animals have what are called "innocent" heart murmurs and they grow out of them most times when they are fully grown. If they are older, sometimes hyperthyroidism can lead to heart problems....good luck with your new kitties!
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Yes i know, they are about 3 1/2 or 4 yrs old my vet says. =/ he said they prob will live another 2 yrs or so because of the trauma in thier past. i was just wondering if anyone had a site or something to help us know when it gets worse and what not, maybe if we see signs.
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All I know about heart murmurs is that they are graded from either 1-5 or 1-6, and that low grade murmurs are nothing serious - my neighbours dog lived about 10 years with a low grade murmur, and when my cat was recently diagnosed with one, I was told it was nothing to worry about. It might be worth asking the vet how much the tests are to find out how bad they are.
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I don`t know much about heart murmers in cats....but just wanted to pop in and say that we are glad to have you back!
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yea the cost we paid yesterday for taking the 2 in was already over 600 so we couldnt take anymore tests and things =\\ will have to wait.
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