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Hope everyone had a Meery Christmas!

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or Happy Holidays or whatever is politically correct here in the US! We got back about 4 pm today after driving from 10 am. Christmas was great. I got to meet my SIL's nieces, nephews, & the 4 legged family. My brother & SIL got crashed into Friday morning in their Dodge Durango & it got totaled. No one was injured. I got to meet my "nephew" that apparently no one knew was being brought into the family. Willow(my nephew) is quite the little stinker. He's a Yorkie! He was 9 weeks old yesterday. They have had him for almost a week.

I drove to the kennel 15 minutes away as soon as I got home. Both dogs were so excited to see me & Coco kept looking around for her daddy. She spent the drive home with one paw on my shoulder & kept breating in my ear. I think she was worried I would leave her. When we dropped everyone off Coco was drooling everywhere she was worried. They had a good time & got to play with Shadow, a Golden Retriever we know. The cats we so excited to see me. Apparently, Twitch kept trying to dig her way out of the cage. They ended up putting a plastic pan in the cage because she kept kicking all of the litter out of the box. Both Twitch & Lily got to sharre a cage. They have been running non-stop since we got home aobut 4:45 today. Twitch ran downstairs to see her Gerbils. Lily got a big drink & ate an entire can of Merrick. They have been in the sink, the toilet, the suitcases, in the shower, under my feet, stepped on by dad, & everywhere else they can think of. Lily keeps on chasing Coco around the house & Macey has been outside running for a long time.

How was your Christmas?
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Oh my! i`m glad no one was hurt in the accident....how thankful you must be.
Sounds like everyone is thrilled to be back home.
I`m glad you had a great Christmas.....so did we!
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