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Best kitty Christmas gift ever...boxes!!

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Zoe and Miss Kitty were quite upset with Meowmy and Daddy for leaving for two nights and having Gramma had to feed them. Zoe even hid for a while.
Then, Meowmy and Daddy cleaned out the boxes they brought their Christmas presents home in. Kitties, as we all know, are suckers for empty boxes.
It was the Best Kitty Christmas Ever!!

Ohhhh, look, boxes!! Yippie!!

Here, you check that one.

Okay, I'll do it, then.

Hey, I figured it out!
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Is`nt it matter how much you spend on a gift for them...they always seem to like the boxes that it came in better!
Cute pictures....darling kitties!
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Oh that is so cute... see, they love the simplest things... kinda like kids (the young ones )
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Yeap! Lily does that same thing

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They are adorable!
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what cute pics.they are darling the captions
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Very cute pics. It looks like they were taking turns getting in the box. My cat loves a brown paper grocery bag better than anything else.
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Must be the smell of cardboard and brown paper bags. My cats love it all, no matter what the shape.
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Boxes are truly the best cat toys!
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Sometimes I just wish I could crawl right in those boxes with them! I want to see what all the fuss is about!
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They sure do look like they are having fun!
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My kitties are having fun playing in the boxes we brought home too. *laugh*
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My cat wont get in boxes to play or sleep....she just "eats" them!
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