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I am sooooo lucky!!

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My husband says I am lucky to be alive. For the past 2 weeks, my steering wheel of my car was kinda jerky. I thought maybe the tires needed air, so we put some in.

Well, Friday when I was driving home from work, there was a funny noise underneath the car that last about 15 seconds. I stopped at the store then drove home. Saturday, I finished my Christmas shopping, going to several different stores. My hubby then helped me unload the car. He glanced down at my left front tire and called my attention to something very wrong with the tire.

I had been driving on the since Friday!! I was soooo lucky that I didn't have a blow out!! Since the tire was still inflated today, we drove very slowly to Pepboys and bought 2 new tires for the front of the car!!!

It is scary to think what might have happened tomorrow if he hadn't of noticed this!!
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I agree, you are lucky!
That could've been very dangerous!

Thank God you are ok, and now have new tires.
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I hate to say it - but how on earth could you miss that?! Glad to hear you're safe and sound though
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" WOW! Lucky is quite the word for it! Glad you're ok!
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Oh gosh...I`m glad you are OK. KEEP an eye on those tires from now on...that`s scary that it had gotten that bad.
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Gah! What happened to it? It looks melted. I'm glad you are alright. Whew!
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OMG!! Good thing you don't have really bad winter conditions down there. I've never seen a tire like that before.
post #8 of 13 are VERY lucky!!
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We actually don't know what happened. Maybe we ran over something, but the tread just pealed away. But we now have 2 new tires on the front and had the back tires inspected.
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I'd say someone from above was looking out for you.

You've been lucky.
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Ummm... this is the kind of story I expect to get in a fowarded, foward of a forwarded email foward. Why would you publicly admit to something like that? Good thing it didn't cause an accident for you or some extra damage to your car though.
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Our cars are old (I mean like ooooooold ... my truck is a '72 ) and I get suspicious and paranoid if ANYthing untoward starts going on with them. The first thing you should always check if the steering is "funny" is tires. I had something similar happen to me just a few months after we bought the truck (it was already fifteen years old at the time,) started running my hand over the tires just on a suspicion and found the place where the tread was splitting and starting to separate from the tire. Not nearly so bad as yours though. Lucky girl !
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I'd say someone from above was looking out for you.
Most definately!!
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