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Just sitting here...

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Don't know who else better to express this thought to, than the wonderful people here at TCS...

Just having a little bit of a moment right now, laying on my bed, listening to music, with my baby Shiraz curled up next to me, her head on my leg and paws on my stomach... (I just tried to move them so I could type, but she put them right back) and she is sleeping... and I am just browsing this site learning more about cats and the wonderful people that own them (or are owned by them ). Life is good right now...

My relationship finally ended yesterday, in a not so good way, and my christmas wasn't the best... but it's a new day and, being a new "mom"/animal owner, feel that i can't beleive what a better feeling it is to have Shiraz by my side, she is very affectionate and loves me very much, and makes me laugh when I could use one. What a wonderful gift a cat is...

Here's wishing you all moments like this, now and in the new year!
(Sorry for the cheeseball moment LOL)
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Aww, I'm so glad you're happy right now! Feeling refreshed, huh? Thanks so much for sharing, and reminding us all to enjoy the little things in life and to not let things get you down....And to appreciate our cats!!
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Cats really do have magical qualities to help ease our pain when we are going through a rough spot. I wish you all the best for 2006.
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Considering the heartbreak you must be feeling just now, that's a really positive thought I couldn't live without cats.... I honeslty don't know what I would do if I didn't have at least one in my life somewhere! It's nice to have that quality time with your animals from time to time and almost "rediscover" the joy and inner peace they can give you. I really hope 2006 is the start of something even better for you
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Thanks for sharing that "cheeseball moment". Very sweet. I think those who have kitties in their lives all have such moments from time to time, and they always need to be shared, because, simple as they are, they are very special.

Our kitties are so good at helping us retain our perspective and move on. I'm very glad you have Shiraz to love and be loved. All the best for 2006.
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Originally Posted by sweetiecat3
Aww, I'm so glad you're happy right now! Feeling refreshed, huh? Thanks so much for sharing,...
Oh Christ... ...Certainly I´m nothing to say very good or very bad about you own decisicion, BUT I´m here to listen to you always.......
Is soo tender about your kitty next to you! thank you for share you feelings with us!
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Cats can bring us so much joy, especially when things are a bit rough, by their mere presence. They certainly know how to show warmth, love, and understanding. I hope that 2006 brings you a lot of happiness.
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Thank you guys... really I am feeling ok, it was a good thing that that "relationship" is over... I am feeling good about it actually. And yes, I did think these moments should be shared, because I guess now I'm realizing that some things are way more important, but go unnoticed sometimes. I'm suprised i'm being this cheesy . I wish you all the best in 2006 as well!! If there was a champagne glass to put here to represent the new year, i would... i think I should suggest that for the smiley's ...
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hey, and thank you for sharing. I am in sort of the same place you are. It made me feel better to read what you had to say. I am sending hugs and good wishes.
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I think we've all had bad "cheeseball" moments...and we're all here for each other, so anytime you need to is fine by us! I hope things improve for you next year!
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