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Tag day!!

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Hope everyone's kitty has an ID.

April 6, 2002 is Tag Day

According to a 1996 study conducted by the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, approximately one million dogs and 580,000 cats were taken in as strays. Unfortunately for both owners and animals, only 17% of the dogs were returned to the owner and only a startling 2% of cats were returned home.

The goal of Tag Day, which is sponsored by the American Humane Association, is to educate the consumer on the benefits of identifying their companion animals through ID tags, license tags, microchipping, or tattooing.

To protect your pet, the American Humane Association recommends to:

Make sure your dog or cat always wears a collar with a current identification tag. Pet supply stores, veterinary offices, and animal shelters often have forms to order ID tags. The tag should include a name, address, phone number (day and evening is best), the pet's name, and the special medical needs of your pet. If you are willing to pay a reward, then put the word REWARD on the tag, too.
Put a temporary tag on your pet when you move residences that includes a relative's or friend's telephone number. Many animals are lost when owners move. Use masking tape over the current tag or consider purchasing an instant tag, now available at pet supply stores.
Keep a file with a written description of your pet that includes their size, markings, weight, and unusual features. Keep a current photo on file to use for posters or to take to the animal shelter.
Keep your cats indoors and tagged! Many stray cats that end up at shelters are indoor cats that have slipped past an open door.
Get your pet tattooed or microchipped. Tattooing is a permanent ID system that involves marking pertinent information on the skin of your pet. Microchipping involves implanting a tiny electronic capsule under the skin that can later be scanned (many animal care and control agencies, veterinary clinics, and research labs have scanners) to identify you as the owner.
Keep dog license tags and rabies tags up-to-date as they can help shelters locate the pet's owner.
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Putting tags on pets is a very good idea!

That said, I fully believe only 2% of cats had tags. I keep putting a tag on Blackie, and if he loses his collar, the tag is gone. And he loses his collar regularly! It's 3 or 4 tags a year, and they aren't terribly expensive, but it adds up. And I don't always have the $5 (or whatever) to replace it. When I have had dogs, I never had to replace a collar and changed tags only if I moved.

Tattooing or chipping might be good options, but they are a little too expensive for me right now, but I will definitely be looking into it sometime in the future.
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My kitties have tags with their name, and our phone number as well as a rabies tag and a tag from the humane society with their phone # on it. We don't put their collars on them unless we are taking them out on the balcony or out for a walk. Sometime in the future I want to get them microchipped.
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