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Please send good vibes for our sweet Bear

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My boyfreinds cat "Bear" started acting very lethargic on Friday, on Saturday we made an emergency trip to the vet as he had excessive salivation coming from his mouth. The new vet (a young, just graduated from vet school, vet) took a look at him and said somehow he had some large sores on his tounge. She prescribed antiboitics and sent him home. Seemed like christmas day he was doing slightly better but had not eaten or drank anything but what we tried to force him to take. This morning he had taken a downward spiral and was even worse than before. When I called back to the vets today, one of the senior vets said "Bring him in immediatley!" So Bear is now at the vets getting IV fluids with a more hi-power antibiotic. Please send good vibes for a speedy recovery. So heartwrenching to see him this way
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So sorry about Bear but happy to hear you went back to the vet immediately. Sending healing vibes and prayers for your Bear and hugs to you.
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that Bear recovers quickly.
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Lots and lots of healing vibes and prayers for Bear!!
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I am sending prayers and good vibes for your angel.
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<<<<<Healing vibes for your poor kitty>>>>>>

Hope he get's better soon!
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Sending many good healing vibes to precious Bear
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Many good vibes

Get better Bear!
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Poor baby boy - sending major healing vibes!!

Please let us know how he doing ..
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It sounds like he could have gotten electrocuded....has he been chewing on Christmas cords?? {{{{Good vibes and }}}}
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Sending along healing vibes for a quick recovery.
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sending vibes for a quick recovery...
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Thanks everyone for sending the good vibes for Bear! My BF will be calling when the vet opens this morning to find out how he's doing. The first vet had also asked if he had been chewing on any cords. My BF never put up any xmas lights this year, so who knows. I'll post when we find out more news.
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Fingers crossed for him.
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We just talked to the vet and Bear was doing much better. I guess the fluids really helped. She said he still wasn't eating on his own, but thought he was just to nervous being there (at the vets). We are going to pick him up at lunch and hopefully he will eat. If not she said they would to some xrays to find out if his troubles go deeper. Might cook up some chicken, his favorite!!
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