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Vibes for My Furbabies

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Just when it was close to time to let my 2 kitties meet, April Joy came down with a bad eye infection. She has FHV and the stress of bringing home another kitty probably brought on the infection. She has been on Clavamox for 5 days and I'm not seeing any improvement. Tonight I'm going to ask the vet for something stronger.

April Joy needs prayers and vibes for a speedy recovery so she can play with her new brother. Right now they are apart because I don't want him to get sick too.
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Healing vibes coming your way. Hopefully the 2 kitties will be playing together really soon.
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that she has a speedy recovery, and that introductions go well.
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It has been 6 days of giving her Clavamox and no improvement. The vet was closed yesterday so today I got a prescription for Zithromax. Please send vibes for April Joy and also for Christopher Cody. They really want to play together but I have to keep them apart until AJ's infection clears up.
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**sending huggz and kitty kisses**
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Poor April. Gar has herpes, too, and has been very ill since the weather turned cold, the heaters are running, and we have a houseful of fosters. He has just turned a corner and seems to be improving finally.

I hope April starts feeling better soon, too. In the long run, it will probably do a world of good for her to have a kitty companion.

Last night Gar sat right on top of dd and sneezed right in her face! She was mad at him, but I was just glad he is feeling cuddly again! LOL! What I hate is when he sneezes on my food!
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