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Do you know if Abys are known to have Irritible Bowel Syndrome? My kitten of 4 months keeps having Diahrea. I hope the little guy isn't in pain. If so, what is treatment, anything naturally without meds. PLEASE I need feedback.
Thanks, concerned mommy
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Yes, if I remember correctly - however have you ever considered a food allergy? I have a Bengal and that was his problem - he was tested for worms, parapsites, giardia and nothing. Has your baby been tested for any of the above - if not he really should be. Treatment for IBS is usually dietary sometimes it can be handled with a high
fiber diet.

I do not know what you are feeding him but you might try Science Diet for Sensitive Stomaches - could definately not hurt and might just firm up his stool.
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It's not really known to be a genetic problem with the breed. More than likely there's something causing it. The vet should be able to do a fecal and see if there may be a parasite of some sort. It could also be some sort of bacterial infection. Another cause is the food intolerance, but I would rule out any medical causes since he is only 4 months old.
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when we got our Abby, he had diahrea and we asked the vet about it. she said he was allergic to chicken products. We started him on Pro Plan beef and rice and he hasn't had a problem with it since. Also we talked to the person we got him from and she said no cats of hers had any type of allergies so it could've been coxidia from changing the type of drinking water,(but either way we aren't taking any chances, so he still gets no chicken to this day) you might want to ask your vet about it also.
Our boy is a healthy 10 pound, almost three years old monster and he is spoiled along with our three other cats! If ya have any questions, I can try and help if you want...
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Have you had him checked out by a vet? One of my cats had pancreatic insufficiancy and he has to have pred and viokase every day or else he gets "the runs". You also may want to try an all meat diet, or foods like innova, california natural, or wellness. One of my other cats was constantly pooping, she just grew out of it eventually.
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When I first got Bella at 4mos. she had a bad diahrea problem too-After taking her to the vet (fecal exam etc...)I found out she required a diet high in fiber. I tried a few brands and what she decided on was Eukanuba and Kitty Grass.
Since I changed her diet we have not had a problem with pooping.
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My 11 month old aby has chronic diarhea also. It didn't appear until she was about 6 months old. We've had all sorts of test done and tried all sorts of medications to no avail. It seems that feline digestive problems are still quite a mystery to vets. Frustrating for sure. Switching to a high fiber food is good advice. Many also recommend raw food and slippery elm, although my vet said raw diets are more trouble than they're worth... Let me know if you find something that works.
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As stated below, I would first rule out parasitic probelms. If it is not a parasite, the I would look at his diet. Corn is noted as a high allergen. You could try canned a/d and a dry food that does not contain corn. What are you feeding now?
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