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DT Easter Monday

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What a quiet day here. Is there no one else trying to stay away from the candy? My kids got together and did the chocolates themselves this year. All I had to do was pay for the materials and help the bunny hide the boxes. (They're all adults, but kids at heart.) Now I have to confess that, although I'm still a dedicated licorice and Jujyfruits lover, the peanut butter cups and turtles keep drawing me to the "Community Basket." I hope everyone is having a great day off.
p.s. I recently posted my 200th. time, and there were no bells and whistles. When do we adult cats get promoted again?
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Yet another cloudy day. The one downfall to spring time. It starts out so wet!

And to answer your question Jeanie you'll become an alpha cat at 301 posts or so says the forum basics post. You're almost there!
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Today has been a really quiet day here at work...probably because alot of people have the day off. It cold and dreary here. I hope everyone has a good day!
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Yup, a pretty quiet day here at work, too. All of the bosses are back from their vacations since the spring break "season" is over. It was kind of nice to have them gone! It's amazing how much work you can get done when no one is lurking and checking up to see if you are working. Just try telling them that though!

It is nice again today, but we are supposed to have snow tomorrow. Spring - go figure!

Hope everyone had a good Easter and a great rest of today!
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Spooky, you're an e-mail friend with Rhea too, aren't you? She has today off. We need someone with her kooky sense of humor to get us wound up!
Did you hear about God noticing that Adam was lonely and needed a mate? Well, Adam asked, "Lord, what's a mate?" God answered, "YOU'LL UNDERSTAND SOON. GO TO SLEEP UNDER THAT TREE, AND WHEN YOU AWAKEN, YOU'LL HAVE A MATE."
But, Lord I'd really like to know--" "GO TO SLEEP AND STOP ASKING QUESTIONS." So Adam went to sleep and awakened to find Eve beside him. "Lord, what is this mate thing, for?," Adam asked. "YOU'LL UNDERSTAND SHORTLY", replied the Lord."TAKE HER INTO THAT CAVE, AND STOP ASKING QUESTIONS." "But Lord, I don't know what to do with her." YOU'LL FIGURE IT OUT, ADAM. JUST TAKE HER INTO THE CAVE, AND EVERYTHING WILL SOON BE CLEAR." "Well, ok, Lord, but what if---"
"INTO THE CAVE, ADAM. NO MORE QUESTIONS!!!!" Adam did as he was told, but a few minutes later he emerged, asking "Lord, just one more question, please!! What's a headache?"
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Had lunch at school with my daughter today. She was so happy to see me! I walked her back to class and she held my hand the whole way. I think it made her day. Such a little thing makes such a big difference sometimes.

Otherwise everything is as usual: Still looking for a job, phone still isn't ringing with interviews, gonna rewrite my resume again, need to buy eggs, just the usual stuff.

It's a beautiful day out there today, though, so my little cutie can go out to play.
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We are having strange spring weather here too. The weather here was warmer last week, so I decided to wash some bedding and other things over the weekend and hang them up outside to dry. Everything is still out on the clothesline and this morning it started snowing. I've decided to think of this as a final rinse for my washing. Hahahahaha!!!!!

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I'm off, today. It's 90 degrees and sunny. Went to the furniture store, to make a layaway pmt. Soon, I'll have my purple sofa! Was surprised, that Opie got up, before me. He, usually, sleeps, til noon. When Bill gets home, we're going to Home Depot - need some new nozzles for the patio mister and they have bougainvilla on sale. I think it will look nice, growing around the picture window. My catnip seeds came in the mail. That's another project, for Bill. Happy Monday, everyone!
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Spring cleaning day at our house - urgh! We have put out 5 garbage bags and tons of cardboard for recycling. I am tired and cranky, but at least I had the day off work. I don't know why we did spring cleaning today - we are going to get 5 centimeters of snow over night - not very spring like weather. I hope everyone had a lovely Easter . I spent time with family and had a lovely dinne at my mom's yesterday. I have got more cleaning to do but I am playing hooky as the hubby is out grocery shopping!
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