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Abi's greeting behavior

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A few days ago Abi started this (to me) really sweet greeting behavior when she climbs into lap. she walks up my chest, goes nose to lips with me and then snuggles in for a nap. I figure its a "Hello, I know you and like you" gesture. Am I right or is this something problematic that will cause me trouble down the road? She only does it to me. and only before a nap.
I assume its either a really good thing or a bad thing, it doesn't feel neutral.

PS she lets me pet her tummy too.. and thats good right?
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Awww....that's really sweet!! Good thing!! Very good thing!!

(oh, yes, and the tummy, too)
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She's giving you cat kisses! Aww she loves her meowmy. And there's nothing better than good ole belly rub to warm up you hands on a cold day.
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The tummy thing is very good. Remember how easy it is for them to sink ten claws and a mouth full of sharp teeth into your arm - so tummy rubbing shows she really trusts you. I have to warn people about Lucy because she likes to roll around on her back, just daring someone to rub it. She's ok with me and my husband, but others... watch out.

And the snuggles are always so sweet. I think Abi really does love you.
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Sounds cute!
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My Festus touches her nose to dd's nose in a kiss. It is very sweet. Blue will come to me, almost like a kiss, but it is only when I'm eating. So I think she is just smelling my mouth to see if there is anything yummy inside! Still makes me melt every time, though! LOL!

Sounds like you have a very loving, special kitty.
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Abi chose me when I walked past her little steel cage in the humane society. She wasn't the prettiest cat but she was the sweetest and I adore her personality and the time we spend together, I am lucky to work from my home so we get to spend much time together, I am a therapist and when a client comes she likes to sit on their laps and purr. Of course i ask the client first if I can leave the door open, I dont just toss her at them. One client calls her my "secret weapon."
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