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Geisha cries every night (pics of my babies)

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Sorry, I know this is not the place to post pictures, but I am missing my beloved Sumo so much right now. I am bawling as I write this. It struck me today (on Christmas) that Geisha cries because she is looking for Sumo. She has always been a silent cat, up until Sumo passed on, and although at first my instinct was that she missed him, I dismissed those thoughts because cats cannot "miss" others the way we do, right?

And yet, lately she has been crying almost every day, in the evenings after she's had a nap. I thought at first she was curious about what's outside, behind the front door, but she does not cry at the windows, nor does she cry at the front door as soon as I come home from work. She wanders through the apartment mewing pitifully, especially in the kitchen, which is where Sumo slept his last few nights (he went looking for the cool floor instead of sleeping on the bed as usual).

We got Kuri to keep her company (and me), and she seemed distracted for a while. But they don't have the same kind of friendship that she and Sumo had, and when I ask her, "What's wrong, sweetie?", she comes running up to me and wants to cuddle on my lap. I know that I cannot project my human feelings onto my kitty, but deep inside I feel like she is really crying and searching for Sumo, wondering where he is hiding.

Looking back at their pictures, I just know that they loved each other and he was very special to her. I feel even sadder knowing that losing Sumo was not just my and my husband's loss, but Geisha's loss, as well. I miss Sumo so much that I feel like there is a gaping hole in my heart and I can't believe he is really gone.

Here are pictures of Geisha and Sumo together in younger, happier days.

This is how gentle Sumo was - even with baby Geisha biting him, he did not resist or scold her.

We have so many cute cuddling, sleeping pics.

Sumo was a wonderful, wonderful boy. The most gentle, loving, sensitive, forgiving, sweetest kitty. Rest in peace, sweet boy. Thank you TCS for giving me a place for me to share about how special Sumo was and is to me.
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Sumo was a beautiful cat. I am so sorry for your loss. Seeing your pictures of the two of them together, I can see why Geisha cries for him . Your doing all you can by giving her extra love.
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This is incredibly touching. I'm so very sorry you lost your precious Sumo. He is such a beautiful little boy with the most loving countenance. He was so patient with baby Geisha, and the two of them formed such a close bond with eachother, one that will last forever. Your heart must be shattered to pieces, and now you feel all the more pain as you watch your baby Geisha as she, too, mourns this great lost. Sumo is so happy and healthy now in Heaven, and one wonderful day, he, Geisha, and you will be reunited. You're in my prayers during this painful time.
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how long has Sumo been gone? it took Pixel at least 6 months before she was close to what i would consider 'normal' behavior after Mouse passed last christmas. they were littermates & had never spent a night apart - very close bond. so unless Sumo's been gone a long time [& i don't think he has, based on previous posts about him] it's understandable that Geisha is still missing him. & of course, she also feels your grief... trust me, it will get easier, altho you will always love & miss him. & Geisha will get better with time, as well. to you during this time of grief
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Oh my goodness look at the little sweeties

You know i've heard Mary Anne (Hissy) tell members quite a few times that when ever a cat has died, she's sat down with the other cat thats grieving and talked to them by telling them whats happend.

Those pictures are just so precious of the two of them though
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I too believe in talking to my cats!! It really helps them.

Sumo, what a BEAUTIFUL, LOVING boy you were!!

When Lilo lost her brother.... she wouldn't eat for days!!! I was desperate. When I would take her outside she would go straight to the place where we burried him!!!
When I first caught her doing that... I cried!! Because it was then that I truly realized that SHE KNEW. And SHE FELT. And SHE REMEMBERED!!
It was then that I talked to her. And we layed together for a long while together and I cried. And I know she cried inside too. She knew what I was talking to her about.
But ya know what? It helped her come through. And it helped me too.

R.I.P. you sweet little ball of LOVE, you!!!!!
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Originally Posted by sumosmom
......cats cannot "miss" others the way we do, right?

....... but deep inside I feel like she is really crying and searching for Sumo, wondering where he is hiding.

What wonderful photos and what wonderful memories you must have in your heart!

I believe cats are like people, they feel pain, they feel joy, they get excited. So, why wouldn't they miss another cat or person which suddenly, in their world, disappears? Especially from those photos, those two cats spent a lot of time with each other and were a comfort to each other as well.

To give you a personal example, my family's cat was really close with my father. When he passed away my cat would cry searching for him and 'wait' for him to come home at night. She would wait in his favourite chair and then look confused when he didn't come home.

RIP hard at the bridge.

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How very touching. I agree that since she is taking this loss very hard, that it would be good to try to talk to her about it. Let her know you are grieving, too.

Poor Geisha. Those photos are so touching. And I love how she has white fur on her paws, but most of her paw pads are black! So sweet!

Give her extra snuggles as she goes through this grieving process!
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It's funny but I never noticed Geisha had black paw pads, as many times as I've clipped her little nails. I have to confess I didn't spend as much time with Geisha as with Sumo. He was always my lap kitty and Geisha was more independent, so Sumo always got more hugs and kisses from me.

Thank you everyone, for sharing. I wish that I had friends like you near me. I'm grateful to be able to talk about these things without everyone thinking I'm crazy. Your kitties are very lucky that you talked to them and shared your feelings of grief, so you could also comfort them. I don't think I ever did take the time to talk to Geisha. I only told her that Sumo was gone now. Even the day I came home after I took him to our vet to be put down, when I got back, she was laying around without a care in the world, and I am such a horrible meowmy, I was actually slightly resentful of her because she didn't seem to know or care or know how much pain I felt (of course, how could she? she wasn't missing him yet). I felt so alone in my grief (my husband is military, stationed overseas), but lately, feeling like Geisha does recognize and feel the emptiness we have without Sumo, I guess I feel like I share a special bond with her, more than we did before. (She is such a daddy's girl, and she likes men more than women, but lately, she cuddles with me more, wants attention, and I often wake up to find her sitting/sleeping on me, which she never used to do!)

Even though she's not AS affectionate at Sumo was or Kuri is, she really is adorable and she's a sweetheart. When I clip her nails, I wrap her in a big mohair sweater (it used to be Sumo's favorite to knead on), and take one paw out at a time, and she hides her face in the sweater till it's all over. It's really, really cute. She also always seems hesitant to jump on my lap, and will put a paw on me as if to ask permission (unlike Kuri, who surprises me by jumping on my lap like he owns it - which, of course, they both do!).

Well, I have dinner plans with my folks tonight, but when I get home later, I will give her lots of cuddles and I think it is time that I tell her what happened to Sumo, and tell her that he is now over the Rainbow Bridge, but we will see him again. I know that nothing is impossible for God, and that we'll be with Sumo again. What a joyous reunion, not only for me and my husband, but also for Geisha to be with her big brother again. The funny thing is, we only got Kuri because we wanted to give Geisha a new companion and I also was very empty without Sumo, but I think Kuri and Sumo would have been great brothers together, too. No other kitty I've ever had or met has been as gentle and kind as Sumo. He really changed my life! I'm so glad that he came to be a part of our family. (He passed in August this year, so it has been only four months.)
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What beautiful pictures, they brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing them with us. I'm so sorry for your loss...
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So cute together . . . it's so sad they couldn't be companions longer. I feel your loss, as I just lost my kitty, Candy, on Dec. 27. May the new year bring healing to your heart and to Geisha. As I shed tears for my Candy, I'll also be thinking of your Sumo.
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Originally Posted by ginnyp
So cute together . . . it's so sad they couldn't be companions longer. I feel your loss, as I just lost my kitty, Candy, on Dec. 27. May the new year bring healing to your heart and to Geisha. As I shed tears for my Candy, I'll also be thinking of your Sumo.
Oh, Ginny, I'm so sorry for your recent loss, too. I really feel for you, also, and hope and pray for comfort for you. I'm sure Candy knew how much you loved her and I feel like that is one of the things that provides comfort to me, knowing that Sumo felt loved and secure with us, knew that he was special to me. Do you have other kitties? I'm so sorry. Bless your sweet Candy, and bless you! Feel free to PM me if you ever need to talk.

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Jeane, thanks for your response and kind thoughts. Unfortunately, I don't have any other house kitties at this time - only one dog, a Pug (my husband's). I do have a couple of barn cats that don't mind being petted occasionally. When I get over this, another kitty (or two) will probably find its (their) way into our home. Peace to you, Geisha and Kuri, with good memories of Sumo.
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Yes, it looks like Geisha loved Sumo very much and she must miss him just as you do. It's so sad that you both lost your sweet boy. Grieving together will surely bring you closer and she probably needs you right now.
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Lovely pictures.
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Those are fantastic pictures and I'm sorry for your loss. Just know that things will get better day by day but for now it's going to hurt for a while. I lost my buddy Caleb on December 15 and it still stings a bit. I bet Sumo and Caleb are up there right now looking down on us. I'll pray for you Geisha and Sumo. God Bless you and your cats. God Bless Caleb.

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The pics are beautiful. I can tell from these pics that Sumo was a beautiful cat with a wonderful personality. Time is the only thing that allows perspective on such painful things. RIP Sumo. You will see your little friend again someday
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