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South Park

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Anyone else here watch South Park? This weeks veal episode was so funny. I'm so glad Butters is a regular now.:tounge2:
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I LOVE South Park! I never miss it!
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Yeah, but what happened to Kenny???

I'm so glad South Park is funny again. There were a couple episodes in a row that were just awful. It's usually an offensive show that uses it's shock value to make a point, but there were a few that had no point, were just offensive. I really liked last nights episode. Some idiot at the cable company thinks veal is lamb though, as thats what my info said. I sure wish we could get veal to be called "tortured baby cows"!
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I agree with you alicat. South Park went through a slump there and I was worried about the state of the show.

The veal episode was great though. I liked how they threw the negotiater skit in there. Brilliant!
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That show is a hoot. Have to admit that Cartman is my fav. Love Kenny and Timmy too!
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I don't watch SouthPark That Often. I prefer king of The Hill and Futurama and The Simpsons, But south park is hilarious.
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Ooooo I LOVE Southpark!! Have to agree with you there Deb, Cartman and Timmy are the best!!! But who is Butters?!?!?!? I think our shows must be behind yours as we haven't been introduced to him yet?!?!?!
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Butters is the little blonde kid who stutters a lot. He was in a few of the older episodes and now he's replaced Kenny.
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I like SouthPark, too, when I get a chance to watch it!
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Ooooo now I see!!! hahaha
Have to say.... I love King of the Hill too......!! Couldn't chose between them!!!
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Originally posted by pawz
O come on down to south park and have your self a time,friendly faces evrey were humbel folks without tempteation!South Park is cool but King of The Hill Is Better!
Aren't you 12? No offense, but do your parents know you watch South Park? I don't think it's meant for kids. Although the 'offensiveness' may seem funny to you, it's usually more of a vehicle to some great social commentary. I think it is way too inappropriate for children or teens, or even immature adults.
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I sometimes miss some of the epsiodes and had to find out from an entertainment news show that Kenny was no more. I missed that episode (although I don't know if his demise was any different than the average ones!).
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You only saw 7 before your parents found out? well, I guess that's good they found out, but it's too bad you saw that many. It's just not meant for you yet. Watch it in reruns when you get older.
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Oh Mr. hanky is a riot!!!!! My hubby this past winter, decided to make a snowman Mr. Hanky... he even stuck some corn in it...it was so funny!!!
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