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Facial Rubbing

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When it begins to warm up in the spring our cat (not kitten) goes outside and rubs her face and forehead on the corners of some raised wooden beds, to the point of drawing blood. When the weather cools down in the fall, she stops. It's not unusually hot in southern Oregon.

We've checked closely for fleas, none. Otherwise, the cat is the perfect pet and seems healthy.

Any ideas as to the cause of this behavior or its prevention are appreciated. Thanks,

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Usually cats will rub their faces on objects to mark their territory. Cats have scent glands in their lip, chin and forehead areas and when they rub on things they leave a scent behind that is undetected by our noses but other cats will be able to smell it.

My cats are all inside only babies but when I open up the windows in the spring time they start rubbing on things more often. I'm not 100% sure but I figure it to be an increase in scents their picking up from the outside and thus trying to mark off their territory again and again.

I've never seen a cat make themselves bleed by rubbing on things but if she's doing this often enough and rubbing on rough things I can see why this would happen. I would say if she'd let you to try and lightly clean the areas that are irritated with dilute hydrogen peroxide and a triple antibiotic cream.
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Lyn, I agree that you should be very careful about the possibility of infection. I'm sure you know that cats are very susceptible to anything toxic. As for the reason, I would be guessing. Maybe another cat has been visiting your yard.
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You could try spraying the head rubbing area w/an odor neutralizer.
I bet it is funny to watch, poor kitty.
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I don't know how to prevent itbut if she insists on doing it maybe you could try to make the outdoors safer. Perhaps you could sand down the corners/rough spots on the wooden beds so that she doesn't injure herself. Good luck.
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