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what did I do??

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I was re-organizing my office yesterday and I moved my computer around.

Ever since I did that, my mouse is acting funny (the buttons don't work right). It's still plugged in the computer alright. Maybe something got moved around inside the computer. I'll check.

But something even stranger happened... I can't access my Gmail account anymore. All other websites I tried have worked ok... and I have been able to access my Gmail account from my parent's home. I also have the "pesonalized google" page... and I can log in to that, see that I have two messages in my inbox but I can't open them!
What could I have done to my computer to do that??
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I was hoping that somebody had an answer. Have you tried ditching your mouse with the "remove hardware safely" option, turning your computer off, and then plugging the mouse back in and rebooting? If it's an optical mouse, try cleaning the "keyhole" with a lint-free cloth.
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I'm no computer expert, but I have a guy who is and I'll ask him... however, try rebooting and get rid of all your cookies and history (in Internet Explorer go to Tool, Internet options and the buttons should be there) and do check to see if any of the little pins for the mouse plug in got bent somehow. Good luck!
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