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My camera croaked!

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Of all the times, for my camera to die! For the past few weeks, I have had trouble with this thing and thought it was the batteries or the software. Today, I confirmed that it is the camera itself.

I spent the afternoon with the twins, opening presents and watching them try out their new tricycles. I was counting on cute pix of them, on the trikes and trying on their new boots.

For a non-techie, this camera was perfect: point-and-shoot, easy-to-use software, no complicated settings. At 3.1 MP, it suited my needs to a "T" and it was only 2 years old (out of warranty of course).

Well, I'm not going to spend money to repair a relatively inexpensive camera. Got online, this afternoon and am going to replace it, with a 6.1 MP camera, for around $200.00.

Fortunately, Sam has a good camera and is going to e-mail me her pix.
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Well, that was a bummer, Cindy! Glad you'll still have pics, though, and a new spiffy camera, to boot! You will, of course, have to experiment lots and show us the results!
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Sorry to hear about your camera. I just got a brand new 5 megapixel Kodak and I LOVE it!! I had a Cannon Powershot, but that was only 2mp. I guess I'll be selling that one now!
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WalMart has a 6.1 MP EasyShare WITH the dock and batteries, for about $200. I already have a memory card. Friday is payday and I don't have to pay any bills out of this one so I'll be heading for Wally World on Saturday.
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That's a shame, Cindy - just when you wanted pictures of the twins on their trikes.
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I bought that new camera this morning. As soon as the battery is charged, I'll test it out on the cats.
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Congratulations! Are your kitties cooperative when having their photos taken? I kept trying to take pictures of "Mr. Fluffy Tail" this morning, but he wouldn't stay still long enough. He's still excited about his new toy, and the Christmas tree, and raced around the house for hours.
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