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The little guy

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We have three cats in our home. The oldest is a calico female whose about 8, 13lb, and the other two are brothers that my mom found wondering a farm. The boys are about 6. Mac the bigger of the two was the only one in the litter born with a tale and he’s as healthy as a horse. He never gets sick, and he has a big size advantage to his brother weighing in at around 11 lb. Skimby is the runt of the litter who has been plagued with health problems since he was little. He only weighs 7 lb, and he really doesn’t seem like he wants to eat a lot. About two years ago he underwent, well for lack of memory of what its called, gender reassignment to fix a problem with bladder crystals. HE had been really sick before that having a vet that almost killed him. My mom found a kitty specialist in our home town and they did the surgery. He’s fine now, other than have a finicky blood sugar level, vet tested him he’s not diabetic. The problem is; yesterday he ate some orange cake that had a lot of citrus in it and vomited orange smelling puke. Then today (Christmas day) he was opening his Christmas presents with his brother, much more fun the real toys, and they were playing and he had a well string of spit hanging out of his mouth. After both events he seemed fine he went back to playing and running around. I pushed on his tummy to make sure that his bowels and urinary tracks were not obstructed, he seems fine. I don’t think our vet is open for another day and the emergency vet in our town really sucks and were the ones that almost killed him when he was sick as a kitten. So, any ideas? My parents think I’m just worrying to much. They both care for him and neither has noticed a change in how he acts or anything like that.
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Sometimes kitties will drool when happy. I do not think that citrus is dangerous to kitties so just watch him. If he is eating and drinking he should be fine.
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I would not consider this an emergency. Drool however could also indicate dental problems. For peace of mind take you baby to your regular vet for look see.

Good luck!
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I agree that you should probably have him looked at by your vet and in the meantime keep an eye on his eating and drinking and general behaviour.
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Just an update: Skimby seems to be doing better. Last night we gave him some hairball med. And this morning he had two bowel movements in a matter of two hours. I'm thinking he might have been a little blocked up due to the new food the vet put the three of them on.I guess it is designed to protect them from baldder problems by increasing their water intake and fiber. So, I'm going to keep an eye on him tonight and if he seems to be having another hairball I'll give the vet a ring tomorrow. Thanks for all the help!
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glad to hear that Skimby is doing okay
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