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Playful banter turns to aggression

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Ok my new kitten foxxy is really small, and can't fightback against my sister's cat Peaches. Peaches and foxxy usually get along, and Foxxy likes to crawl under her, (she doesnt really have to crawl, she can just walk under her normally and her head touches her stomach) and lick her stomach, or her neck. Then, Foxxy starts biting at Peaches' neck, and then peaches pins the kitten to the floor and immdiately goes right for the throat. She holds her teeth against her neck and I dont know if she bites her or not, but Foxxy will let out a loud squeal as if someone stepped on her tail, and I have to break them up. I know Foxxy provoked the attack, but I dont know how to teach Peaches not to be so rough on her. She tries to play with her as she used to with her own kittens, but her kittens were twice Foxxy's size. Peaches is about a year old, and Foxxy is about 8 weeks. it wouldnt be so bad if Foxxy could get away from her, or attack back, but Foxxy is completely defenseless against Peaches. Does anyone else's cats do this? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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If your older cat isn't fixed, she should be. You can also call the vets in your area some will spay and neuter early. Sounds like just dominant behavior though, which is normal for two cats adjusting to each other. Try not interfering unless you see blood.
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they sound like they are just getting to know each other and Foxxie is testing her limits.

Jupiter used to do things like that to Mav when he was an 8week kitten. he wants to play and by winding her up was the best way to get her attention! he was so mean to his poor mummy, he would ambush her, nip her as she went past etc and Mav would be forced to pin him down and discipline him! lol

If Peaches has had kittens she probably understands what they are like and is teaching Foxxies her limits. be thnakful, its better than Peaches teaches Foxxie not to be rough than Foxxie savages your hand!

As long as its not getting too rough and Peaches is not activly seeking out Foxxie to hurt her or bullying her i think they will be fine.

Just kae sure poor Peaches has somewhere she can retreat to from Foxxie as kittens can try the nerves somewhat and make sure you are giving peaches lots of love!

Foxxie wouldnt keep going back for more if she was really being hurt.
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Ok I'll try to leave them alone...right now Foxxy is sleeping because I gave her some Turkey after Christmas Dinner, and shes pooped from running around all day. It was kinda funny, she disappeared after our unwrapping of the presents, and I thought she might have gotten lost under the huge pile or wrapping paper. She turned up later...still dont know where she was but she is always dissapearing. I usually find her under my sister's bed, sleeping beside the heat vent. she likes it there, all nice and toasty
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