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New tattoo ideas?

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I'm thinking about getting my next tattoo for my birthday again next month. I was thinking of a squirrel on my ankle. Any ideas for something cute, like what pose, etc? I already have the cat and bird on my lower back. I don't want it to be too cutesy, but not just black either. I'm going to email the guy that did mine last time, and see if he can draw something, but in the meantime, any suggestions?
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I love tattoo's. How about a butterfly or fairy? I have a black widow spider on my back
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Im more into the tribal and japanese symbols. I got a kanjii tat for christmas on my lower back I think tattoos are a symbol of what someone stands for. It's your body, and it's there forever so be creative!
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I like the Zodiak signs, cuz I mean, that will never change! I have my Zodiak sign on my lower back. I really like them b/c you can get them in different designs
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I don't have any tats but was thinking of getting one, just want it to mean something good... my new year's resolution is to start losing some weight, so maybe if (or should i say WHEN! )i reach my goal i'll get one... don't really want it to shrink

i think if you tell the artist that you want a squirrel on your ankle, he'd make it look pretty nice, those tatoo people are pretty good from what i hear...
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I don't have any tattoos, but if I did get one, I think it'd be a dragon.
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I'm pretty stuck on a squirrel. Next to cats, I think they're my favorite. I already have my favorite cat (calico, of course) and favorite bird (black-capped chickadee) on my back. I'm going to embellish those in the future but the therapist is working on my back so I can't get it done this year. I wonder what pose for a squirrel would be cute...?
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I was actually thinking of getting teufel as a tattoo on my back, but since i always have a yoyo effect i dont know if getting a tatto is a good idea lol
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Originally Posted by stormy
I don't have any tattoos, but if I did get one, I think it'd be a dragon.
Oooooo good idea Unicorns are pretty cool as well
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Something egyptian........ The egyptians worshipped the cats!!! I have Isis with flowers around my arm.. Some egyptian stuff is really cool..
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I think a squirrel sitting up holding a nut!!!
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If a person likes fairies, Amy Brown allows her artwork to be created as tattoos. There are pictures on her site of completed tattoos. I'm thinking that if I get a second one, it's going to be something of hers.
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If I ever get a tatoo it will be a cat type one, simmilar to the cat in The Cat Site logo up at the top of the page. I think that is just so cute! Like take all the words away except for the dot on the eye that makes the kitties nose!
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I don't like tattoos really. I like butterflys tattoo though.
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I know how you feel, I already got my calico cat!
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