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hot ears

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I don't know if this is normal or not but our cat has very warm ears almost hot. Not on the inside but just the outsides. Can anyone tell me the reason for this?
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Generally a cat's ears will feel warmer to us. That is because their normal body temperature is warmer than ours, and any excitement or stress can cause them to be even warmer. While it COULD indicate a fever, it may be nothing at all. I suggest you take her temperature, (which is not fun) and if it's over 102, call the vet. Be careful while doing this, though. If you are too rough pushing in the thermometer, you could damage the rectum.
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Ollie's ears are usually pretty warm too and dogs and cats do have higher body temperatures than us, so I wouldn't worry TOO much unless they seem excessively hot and/or your cat is showing other possible signs of illness....

BTW, Mama - your Timmy looks very much like my Oliver! hehe... Love these orange striped kitties!
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Yes they do look alike Buzby! They also have that same crazy cat look in their eyes!
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Must be a crazy orange kitty thing.... hehehe - It's darn cute though!
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Sleeves has hot ears too!! I notice that if we've been moving about, or had to take him somewhere, or just generally if something happens outside of his normal pattern they cool right down... I touch them to see if he's happy very sad
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