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cat attacking dog...need advice

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I have a problem with my cat that started several months ago and any advice would be most welcome.
I have a cat and dog - both are three years old and have grown up together since they were three months old. Several months ago my cat began to viciously attack the dog after hearing her bark or growl. It's happened about 5 times. It happened again yesterday and it was even worse than the other times. I don't know what to do. The cat was fixed when he was 6 months old, and he and the dog generally get along well and play together. My cat turns so vicious during the attacks - he goes for the dog's face and it scares me. So far, all I've been able to do is try to separate them and put the cat into another room for a day or two until he settles down. Also, when this happens he growls and hisses at me and my husband.
Please advise me on how to prevent this from happening or what to do when it happens again.
Also, spraying water on the cat to get him to stop does not work.
Thank you.
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You should try Feliway Comfort Zone for Cats I heard it works wonders!
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When the attack happens, can you think of anything at all that just might have happened.. like the dog approaching either the cat or her toys, food, you, etc.? Or in some way being any different at all? Did you use a different shampoo on the dog? Who's neutered/spayed? If one isn't, they should be. If the dog's using the cat's bed(s), that would definitely do it! Try to trace something, but get back here if nothing makes sense.
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Hello Larke
Nothing new or happening during those times - just the dog growling or barking set him off on those occasions. The dog hasn't been fixed but the cat was at 6 months of age. Aside from the attacks they both get along very well. The cat even grooms the dog.
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Getting your dog spayed or neutered will help. What type of dog is it?
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