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From DH: A juicer, beautiful silver heart locket with 3 small diamonds, gold cross with diamonds (he has never been able to afford to buy me real jewelry before, so he went a little crazy ) and Harry Potter Goblet of Fire game for my computer. It's very addicting.

From parents: sweater, Christmas decorations, and 2 chairs great for camping or the porch. Fold up recliners, very comfortable.

From best friend: wireless mouse for laptop, Coupling season 2 and 3 DVDs. Love that show! Plus Alien quadrilogy for DH.

From hubby's best friend: movie tickets.

I gave hubby a poker table and chips, plus the promis of a trip to Asian World in Philly for some martial arts stuff. Movei tickets to my parents. Pillows I made myself for my best friend, one was herbal, plus a few odds and ends.

I love the giving of presents even more than the receiving! Glad to hear everyone seems to have had a good year.
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letssee.. my mom got me a set of cookware (this one), and a diamond necklace that is really antiquey looking. bf got me a diamond necklace and a cheval mirror. My bf's family got me soo much stuff, including a dyson vaccuum, a TV, a deep fryer, a feather bed, a magic bullet (woot), among soo much other stuff. This is our move in year so everyone was trying to help us out with filling up the house Bf got about $800 worth of tools. Now he has to learn how to fix stuff

oh and myboss got me a coach bag And brother got me a stainless steel crock pot!
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From DH: Columbia boots/waterproof pants and polar fleece vest (we went to outlet store before christmas!) Wusthof 7" Santoku knife, a real office/computer chair, a knit top, a carry on travel bag, candles and scented room spray, bath salts, some decorative sleds and a real looking rooster made with feathers (the cats don't like it)a mah jongg game for the computer. Mom/dad-gc to Barnes and Noble and another to starbucks, a clock radio, a fiskars rotary cutter and extra blade a wind up radio with the weather bands and a indoor/outdoor thermometer which has a sensor that I have outside. From sis-the madonna and bo bice cd; a plant propation book and a novel. From sil in laws another barnes and noble gift card, a cat figurine.
This does not count the shopping I did with sis and mom before and after Christmas ($300 at TJ MAXX alone eek!!) and $170 after christmas at a great store in Green Bay all on christmas decorating items that were 50% off
All and all a pretty good haul!!!
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Originally Posted by GailC
Wusthof 7" Santoku knife
Ooh, you will love it! DH as part of my presents, gave me a 5" and 7" Furri RR Coppertail set, has features of Santoku knives. These are the best knives I've ever owned, they cut through raw turkey and meat like it's soft butter
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We did low key Christmas this year, DH and I are giving each other an all in one programmable remote (so we can get rid of the six+ in the media room!) but not 'til next payday. From my sister and her hubby (which really means from sister as her hubby doesn't shop ) I got a magnetic kitty list pad for the fridge, a nice blouse which she assures me was on sale and cost less than two dollars , a neat wolf's head charm which I will have to find something special to do with (bookmark maybe?) the book "Bad Cats" (which I already have but she didn't know that and I didn't tell her!) a really nifty, I'm not sure what to call it, just a wall ornament plaque thingie made of brass that's a "greenman" (I have several "greenmen" on my my LR wall) ; and a gargoyle wall-style bottle opener like this that I will have to find a good place for in the den.
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I love the gargoyle bottle opener!!! I love gargoyles, and nobody but my brother (deceased) could ever understand my fascination with them.
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Thanks! I think gargoyles are pretty cool too. Design Toscano has some neat ones.
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I'm the last one to get presents! We had our Christmas on Friday and I got a mini camcorder, an automatic starter for my truck AND installation, Harry Potter 1-3 DVD's, clothes, snowmobiling gloves, a picture frame, lotion, bath stuff, and best of all, my parents bought another snowmibile, so I get my brother's which I LOVE! It's the perfect size for me and I always had to drive my mom's which I hated. My bro and dad race so he gets the newer faster one but that's ok, because I'm too scared to go very fast anyway!
Oh, and my parents LOVED the pictures we got them. My mom BAWLED and my dad even got tears in his eyes and all night they kept taking them down looking at them, saying "we love those pictures, that's the best thing you could have gotten for us!"
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It's so nice to hear about your holidays! My best present was a lava lamp from my brother, something I've sorta kinda wanted ever since they were NEW! :-) It's nice to gaze at when I'm just too tired to do anything else... but keeping the kitties away from it is nearly impossible. ~ sigh ~

The best present I gave: at my folks' house a few weeks ago, I ran across a photo of my parents that I'd never seen. It was taken in 1945 in a supper club by one of those old-fashioned roving photographers, and it shows my terribly young father all handsome and earnest in uniform, and my even younger mother looking so shy and girlish and beautiful... and written across it in my mom's handwriting is the name of the club and the city.

So I scanned the photo and had prints made, and I put one in a sleek ebony frame for my brother (his apartment is all very low-key and simple), and I found the most beautiful frame for my folks -- back-engraved silver-leafed mirror with brass corners, so the whole thing looks antique. They all loved it!

I bought two of those gorgeous frames, and now my plan is to take a new portrait shot of my folks on January 5, their 63rd anniversary, and put it in the other frame for them... two portraits, 61 years apart. :-)

But the best present of the day came from Santa by way of Toys R Us, for my seven-year-old nephew Grant: it's called a PaintSpinner, I think, and it has black cardboard panels that you fling fluorescent paint onto in this battery-powered machine. Then it uses strobes to light up the paintings you've made in different ways to show variations on your pattern, and it plays music too. It's VERY cool! Grant and I played with it in the backyard for an hour, and it was such fun. And it was so nice to see him play with a toy that inspired his creativity, rather than yet another virtual car theft or ninja battle. I really recommend that toy!
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Originally Posted by LilleKat
ok - you recall the thread about the worst gifts you've recieved? My best beloved bought me two pairs of men's thermal underwear!! it's the thought that counts (I'm in them now, so at least I'm not freezing!!)
On Christmas Day the cops had to be called to come to our mobile home park because a woman was screaming, yelling, breaking things and the neighbors could all hear her balling out her hubby "I cannot beleive the crap you bought me for Christmas" and the cop was just shaking his head.
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Originally Posted by lmj1954
On Christmas Day the cops had to be called to come to our mobile home park because a woman was screaming, yelling, breaking things and the neighbors could all hear her balling out her hubby "I cannot beleive the crap you bought me for Christmas" and the cop was just shaking his head.
That reminds me of that show "My name is Earl." Did you see the one where he had bought her a bunch of junk and then when he won the lottery he tried to make it up to her? One time he wrapped up and gave her her own car keys that she had lost and HE found and thought that would be a good present!
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From my mum and her boyfriend I got $100 and the Eminem greatest hits CD

From my mums ex boyfriend I got $100

From my Dad I got a $20 voucher for the Farmers store and the Guiness Worlds Record book

From my grandparents in Australia Mum and I got $300 - $20 was taxed, and Mum and I kept $50 and then with the remaining money we brought a brand new leather computer chair.

From my Nana I got a beautiful necklace, a nice pink beach towel, a pink beach top and orange beach shorts and a little cat box

From my step sister I got a big box of Cadburys favourites

From my friend Anneke I got a coffee cup filled with all sorts of goodies

From my Aunty and Uncle in Auckland I got a big bottle of my favourite perfume

From my Aunty and Uncle in Cambourne I got these lovely matching Russ cats and some body spray and body lotion

I'm so spoiled!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats

I'm so spoiled!

Yes you are!!
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I got a lot of really nice presents this christmas.
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Did I mention I bought myself a new cellphone on christmas eve?
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Oh cool! I bought myself some body products too.
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Being that we just bought a house and are just starting collecting house and holiday stuff, I got some of the christmas pattern dishes I wanted... I love this pattern, my aunt has it, and it reminds me of the holidays.
Pfaltzgraff Winterberry 4 Piece Dinnerware Set
Pfaltzgraff 14 inch Winterberry Platter

A dyson animal vacuum - woo!
A new dustbuster (can you tell i like to vacuum? )
An Ionic Breeze air filter
Two books - Eragon and Eldest by Christopher Paolini (they are very good btw... if you like children's books like Harry Potter, you should like these too.)
Gilmore Girls - Season 5
Angel - Season 4
Christmas ornaments
A light green sweater
New fuzzy blue slippers - they are very comfy.
New cookware, bakeware and food storage containers
Socks - can you ever have too many socks?
I think that's the bulk of it.

My fiance got a bunch as well, but I think his favorite gift was Project Gotham Racing for the xbox 360... that's all he's been playing since christmas... oi.
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I got a lot of clothes from my in-law's side along with this really cute cat cookie jar! I also got a blanket with my name embordiered (sp?) on it. Zack got me some art books for my classroom next year, and he also got me a very beautiful silver bracelet along with some pearl earrings, new Sketcher shoes, socks, jewerly box. I got a few gift cards (Bath and Body Works, NY & CO and some restaurants). I also got some teaching books, a new purse and some earrings from my mother and stepfather. I also got a crap load of money that I have already spent, mostly on Mittens since his surgery was out of my budget, thankfully I got money for Christmas
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Everybody got great stuff!
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