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Hey, just finished opening presents! I got all great stuff, but my two favorites were: tarot of marseille reproductions, and a card saying "$25 have been donated to the animal care society in your name." Isn't that the best thing to give?

So, what did you people get?
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Those are great presents, Wesley, especially the donation. I'm glad to hear you got your tarot cards. Now you have to practice this week, so that you can tell everybody's fortunes New Year's Eve!
I got a black fleece jacket from my husband, which I wasn't expecting, since he'd already gotten me some software I'd wanted, "Madagascar" from our nephew (in English, no less), a bird drawing from our niece, and money for new sheer curtains from my in-laws.
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I got 90 euros from my parents
and a few days ago i went to Douglas and bought my self a make up bag and made them wrap it for me
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Hey, those are cool too!

Yeah, i already "told" my dad and sister using the little booklet. Now i just have to memorize them all.....

Now it is off to the christmas party with me, to see my annoying cousins....
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i got a new 18 volt drill [i can't find the charger base for my current 12 volt drill ] books, towels, a cat-a-day calendar, & gift certificates for our local health food store.
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We had Christmas Eve last night with my family (they asked where my boyfriend was, way to go on informing the family, Mom...insert moment of awkward silence) and today I'm alone I was offered to come to my mom's fiance's house today but I never felt comfortable there, plus I have a cold so I declined. I'm spending Christmas Day with my fur family. My parents and brother and I always spend a special day with just each other, no other family, and with our schedules, it will be next Friday, which is cool because I get to take advantage of the sales tomorrow, since I'm off! So far, I got the Sex and the City trivia game, (anyone wanna come play?) some earrings, some vanilla scented "no flame but they light up" candles from my grandma (she was thinking of the cats there, awww) some coffee and a jazz CD. I don't like jazz but my aunt does and she gave one to everyone, trying to get us to like it. I was in such a bad mood because I burned my soup and wasn't bringing my boyfriend so my mom gave me one of my gifts early: Larry the Cable Guy's Christmas CD, which made me laugh! We didn't exchange gifts this year, we are all broke!
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Jeff and I must have been really good this year because Santa brought us lots of goodies!

We got clothes, socks, a set of binoculars, a portable CD player, colgne, a crock pot (looking foward to homemade chili) , a spice rack, candy, bath stuff and the list goes on and on!!
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I got a very surprise gift from my husband (oh thats wierd to say) a SceneIt! DVD game that I wanted. Had it shipped in when I wasn't home and wrapped it right up! We normally dont wrap stuff for eachother just buy things throughout the year and this REALLY surprised me!
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Originally Posted by SillyJilly
I got a very surprise gift from my husband (oh thats wierd to say) a SceneIt! DVD game that I wanted. Had it shipped in when I wasn't home and wrapped it right up! We normally dont wrap stuff for eachother just buy things throughout the year and this REALLY surprised me!
Oh, I have that game, it is SOOO fun!!!!
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Some of my favorite things that I received - 4 pieces of all clad, a Waring Pro Professional Model deep fryer, new 12 inch Kitchen Aid non-stick pan, a gift certificate to my favorite clothing store, Chanel #5 , my first Santoku style knives, some anime, the sound track from Haibane-Renmei - Hanenone, the complete boxed set of The Chronicles of Narnia, ah....a Megatokyo throw - "Sad Girls in Snow"...

Much to be thankful for this Christmas, Patrick actually snuggled with me last night, and did "knuckle bones"...where he rubs his eyes, nose and cheeks all over my hand Something he doesn't do when not feeling well.

I have been incredibly spoiled this year.
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ok - you recall the thread about the worst gifts you've recieved? My best beloved bought me two pairs of men's thermal underwear!! it's the thought that counts (I'm in them now, so at least I'm not freezing!!)
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10 speed blender, and a food processor, a new hat and wrap for winter and new boots for the barn-
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We did our major gifts early, in that we each had birthdays recently and did a major electronic "toy" (Rob got a new cellphone, and I got a new PDA) that counted partly for Christmas. But we still put some stuff under the tree: I got some really nice kitchen utensils and CDs, and Jr gave us a couple of special occasion bottles -- he does nice things for our wine rack most years and Santa brought chocolates and other goodies. All in all, very satisfactory.
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New pj's and an air popcorn popper.
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I got kitty socks, a salt scrub bar, kitty calender, silver hoop earrings and chocolate from a friend.

Another friend sent me an Amazon.com gift certificate (my new books have already been shipped).

The twins gave me some handmade Tahitian Ginger soap.

I went to Sam's parents' house and had homemade tamales. (I'm an honorary Mexican).
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I had an okay time at the home of the cousins. It wasn't too bad. But the best part was i told a bunch of people's fortunes with the new cards, and i got a lot of it right!
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Cool, now tell me mine...
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Okay Shannon, you discuss or negotiate your point of view for some time before giving up. You adapt well, but should be in for a pleasant change anyway. You act like others, and are competitive in some way.

It would be much easier if i met you, but i did my best. Was i anywhere near?
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I dunno, that's kinda confusing!
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I got two gift cards to Walmart and the Olive Garden, money, pajamas, jogging outfit, coffee pot, books and my favorite was a t-shirt with Sash's picture on it from my mom.
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Well, i tried to make it understandable!
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Some of my favorite presents that I got were nice fuzzy cozy slippers & fuzzy robe and stuff like that.
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My kittys got kitty treats and some little jingle balls and a brush.

I got a playstation 2 with the game Kingdom Hearts.

An AC/DC Hoodie..

An all in one vcr/dvd player.

A new guns n roses CD (use your illusion 1)

A beautiful cross necklace..

And of course..some chocolate
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I got CHOCOLATE too!!!!!
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I got a new computer chair (well, new to me. A local office supply has used furniture ), a big box of hot chocolate mix packets, a new coat, and sis gave me and mom a pay-as-you-go cell phone. Handy for when the van breaks down. (note to self - get tire fixed!!!!!)

That's some of what I've got since we will have the big family get together on New Year's Eve. That's when all the family can get together. Today we were at my nephew's for dinner. (yeast rolls - )
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I bought myself the Gary Patterson cat calendar. Fun-neeeeeeeee!
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New Digital Camera! (HP Photosmart M415, 5.2 MP) Also, meat&cheese gift pack, Watch with a train on the face and makes train noises when you push the button. Well, I'm off to Photobucket to upload a couple of new kitty pics. See ya in Fur Pics!
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I got alot of clothes this Xmas. Pants ,sweaters turtle necks. A pair of winter boots. PJs and a new bath robe plus slippers. New Towels ,candy,gift certificate to my favorite place to eat Applebees.
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Wow I got so much stuff, My hubby got me a new meat deli slicer, stainless steel cansters, stainless salt and pepper mill. My youngest daughter got me a beautiful whimsical cat to go with my collection, 2 beautiful Cat tea light holders, a great book with pics of all differant cats, cat coasters, cat cards, cat calender, Jafra cosmetics, some stuff for dry skin, the book a thousand little pieces, my sister got me a cat flag, a strange cat sculptue, a great platter. my other daughter got me A beautiful sweater with the hoodie, new jeans and a cami to go underneath it, my sis-in-law got me a nice red blouse, a $50.00 gift certificate, her sis-in-law got me some earrings, and 2 necklaces, one of my customers got me a great tea pot basket with the tea and cookies in it, and my grandsons girlfriend got me a gift certificate for Red Robin restruant, and a basset hound calender, heck I'm set....
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