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A big Hug From México is send it to Anne and MA and of course to all Great Staff of TCS!!!
Thank you for let us be part of your lifes!
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Thank you Anne for giving us this site. And thank you MA and all of the mods, mentors and advisors (and our wonderful tech team as well~TAK and Paul M!) for all the work you do day in and day out. Without you and all of the wonderful members, TCS wouldn't exist today. It's my 2nd home, just as others have mentioned. I'm so grateful to have a place where others feel the same about their furkids as I do about mine, and love to talk about them as much as I do!

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Wow thank you for such a lovely post. It is really the hard work of the mods and the administration team that make this site possible in the first place, and if we can do a little to repay you for all of your work by helping each other and being friends then it's the least we can do.

This is a truly lovely place and has certainly been a refuge for me in times of trouble, and not only trouble with my kitties!
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Thank you all so much! I am so happy to have found a place where I can share my love and concerns about kitties with others. And people are right, this place is addictive!
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Thanks to all that make this wonderful site what it is!
God Bless and keep each and every member of TCS and their furbabies during this wonderful season of giving and loving and throughout the New Year!
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I am still pretty new here but this is such a wonderful site! Everyone may not have the same opinion about everything and may tear you apart over something but no matter what i always feel welcome back! Thank you to everyone is is a part of this site and gives advice to the new moms and dads!! This is one way to curb the boredom at work!!
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Originally Posted by Russian Blue
And remember the community at large - that continue to support the forum but don't have the time to check in as much as they would like to because of busy offline lives (aka - me!)

Though, I'm glad that I do get some time every now and then to still pop in and check out the action.

I second that!! I'm here far less than I used to be. But everytime I sign on to TCS, it feels like coming home to a bunch of friends!
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