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Help--We are worried about Em Em

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When we got home last night Em Em was lying in the floor not responding. We picked her up and moved her to another room where she wouldn't get stepped on and this morning when we got up she seems worse.

My husband picked her up, because she was lying right by the kids Christmas presents and he didn't want her to get hurt, when he picked her up it looked like blood dripping from her mouth. We just picked her up again and put her in a box so the kids couldn't see her and we noticed that her paws have blood on them also.

She is very lethargic and unresponsive. She is breathing very shallow.

My husband is calling our vet.

I am very worried about her.
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You should have called the vet immediately last night, rather than waiting. The holiday brings all sorts of dangers to cats- tinsel, glass bulbs, christmas tree water, chocolates, so much of what we use to decorate our home and make it pretty is toxic or harmful for your cat.
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We don't decorate using any of those items so we didn't think about it like that.

We are on our way to the vets right now.
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"We" as in you too? Good luck, I hope your cat will be alright.
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Please let us know how she is! I wonder about electrocution from the Christmas lights or another cord? That can make sores in the mouth and they can bleed....
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She was put to sleep about 10:15 this morning.
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I'm so sorry to hear that! Did they give you a diagnosis?
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Vet said he thinks it was kidney failure. She developed pnemonia from aspiration (sp) on vomit and was very dehydrated.

Other than that we are not sure what happened. We had no warning sides other than last night and he told us that there was nothing we could have done.
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I'm very sorry....please accept my condolences. What a sad Christmas....
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I agree it is very sad. We haven't told our boys yet
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How very sad for you. I sure wish there was a better outcome for your Em Em.

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so sorry to hear this - to you at this time...
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We told the boys finally. They are 5 and 6. We explained that she was very sick and now was with God playing in Heaven...They both asked lots of questions about what happened but are doing better now.

My other fur babies seem a little off tonight...

It has hit my husband the hardest. Em Em was his cat. He had her long before we met... She followed him around everywhere.

The other family member that has noticed her not here is my 2 year old. He loved to carry her around because she was so petit...and patient with him.
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Oh, that is too sad, to lose a beloved furbaby right at Christmas. Condolences to you, your husband and your kids.

Rest in peace, Em Em.
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I am so terribly sorry to hear this news.

I lost my baby girl five days ago from the same thing... no warning... from one day to the next she was sick.

My heartbreaks for you, your family and your furbaby
xo Donna
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My sympathy to you and the kids. I lost my little girlfriend of almost 15 years, Candy, to kidney failure on Dec. 27. She'd been having problems from about mid-December. Why do we have to go through this on holidays - too easy to remember from year to year?

May the new year heal your hearts.
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