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Cat foils kidnapper?

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I saw a story on the news last week maybe on Tuesday or Wednesday about a cat who stopped a kindnapping from occuring. A little girl was in her yard holding her little gray cat when a man tried to nab the girl. The cat then started attacking the man's head. The girl's mother was going to re-name the cat "Hero." I was fixing dinner and walked over to the TV to turn it up and instead switched channels, so I missed part of the little story. When I went to look for info on the net I couldn't find anything. Did anyone else catch this story?
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No I did not see this - but HURRAH for little Hero!
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I haven't heard of this story before either. The cat must have sensed danger to the little girl and probably saved her life. It's terrible when kids can't even play safely in their own yards!
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I'm glad that the little girl is ok. Horray for the kitty!
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Go kitty! Who said there are no such things as attack cats?!?
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WOW!! Horray for kitty! Thank god that little girl didn't get kidnapped, her cat is her angel!
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