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scabs on cats back

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i have an indoor cat and she has got bumps that are scabing on her back, i also have another cat that is very violent with her when they play but i am not sure if this is the reason for the bumps...we have looked all over her and she does not seem to have fleas though we have just found some on the other cat...any help with a good starting point as to what might be causing this would be appreciated.
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It could be from your other cat and even though you don't see fleas they could be causing that too. A cat who is allergic to flea bites all it takes it one bite for this to happen. It's a good chance that if you're other cat has them they've found their way over to the other one. I'd start them on a flea preventative right away.
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It might be claw marks or bite marks from playing with your other cat. I would clean them up with some soap and water to make sure they don't get infected.
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My cat had the same thing, and thought it was from the kitten. It turned out it was from the fleas. She was horribly allergic to them and was scratching herself really hard, and often in places that looked like there was no way she could've reached herself. The vet called it Flea Allergy Dermatitis and gave me a spray called Betagen for the scabs. It didn't really help.

You must get rid of the fleas. Skip any over the counter stuff - it doesn't work and is very toxic. Go to your vet and get Frontline or Advantage. Wash everything in your house! Vaccum thouroughly and get rid of the bag right away. Sprinkle borax in your carpets and furniture. It kills fleas but is non-toxic. If you can, bathe your cats. Fleas drown, so any good lathering cat shampoo will help. Use a flea comb. For my scabby cat, I used a shampoo called Septiderm-V that really helped a lot.

Also, you may want to get a tapeworm pill from your vet. Fleas carry tapeworm. I didn't notice that my cats had tapeworm for a long time, but they did. Good luck.
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