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"Litterbox Legs" not "Litterbox Butt"

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We recently adopted two kittens (8 months old) and are loving every aspect of them except for one. Sometimes, when they leave the litterbox, they have both litter and poop on the lower part of their hind legs!

I know this happens to longhairs, but these are shorthaired cats. Some additional info: they're both CHP (cerebellar hypoplasia, I think) cats, but they behave and move virtually normal, except that they walk a bit funny. Also, one cat is half the size of his brother (we assume he's developing at his own pace)

The only solutions I can think of are:
1) Change from an all wet food diet to a mix of wet and dry food.
2) Put less litter in the box.
3) Get a bigger litterbox.

Has anybody else experienced this or does anybody have any other ideas? Thanks for your help!
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Have they been seen my vets and diagnosed with CH? CH kittens need a litterpan with a side high enough they can brace against it, because they can't maintain the squatting position really well, and will get feces and litter all over themselves. You just have to clean them up after they use the pan. You might want to consider going to rabbit pellets as litter, they won't get that all over themselves and it feels like litter to them so they will use it.

The litterpan should have a side opening cut in it so they can get in it easy
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Hmm? I think the food change would work best. I find that the stools are much firmer with dry food versus canned. Try that and see what happens. My kittens only get canned food for about a month at the most when weaning - after that they eat dry.

You might also try a different type of litter that is bigger pieces rather then the fine stuff. But before you change it, you have to mix the two types and gradually change over. Otherwise if you dump the pan out and put the new in, they may not use it cause its not familiar.
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@hissy: The humane society we adopted from told us they had CHP. They'd raised the cats for 7 months, since they were 3 weeks old.

@both: Thanks for the suggestions. We're trying the wheatgrass litter/rabbit pellets and are gradually switching over to dry food. We'll see if that works. We're using two litter boxes right now (one has a roof), but if we still have trouble, we'll get an open-top, high-sided one.

Thanks again!
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Wet food is really better for your kitties healthwise but it should be a quality food. There are several threads about this on this forum and if you do a search on wet feeding you will be able to read up on the reasons for wet over dry.
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