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New Year's resolutions? (rant)

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My New Year's resolution is to STOP PROCRASTINATING!!!!
I waited till the last minute (well, I didn't really have a choice since I didn't have money for gifts until like 2 days ago) to get Christmas presents and my food to make for tonight. So, last night, I was shopping, or trying to shop, and must have run around to 5 stores looking for stuff, refusing to go to Walmart because it's SOOO darn busy there, and ended up not finding anything anywhere, so I ended up at Walmart anyway, where I found EVERYTHING I had been looking for! By the time I got done there, it was 9:00 and I was tired so I put off going to get my food until today. Well, I needed oysters for the stew I was making, and had to go to 3 stores to get them. I'm sure they're popular this time of year. Then I decided the pot I had wasn't good enough, so I drove around to 2 other stores looking for a nice soup pot.....Just one pot, that's all I needed, and couldn't find one, only sets for like $200! So, that wasted another hour of my time.
Well, I finally got home and made everything, and it was going really well, then when I went to pour the stew from my yucky pot to my slow cooker to take over there, I noticed a burnt smell....it was the stew... I had it on super low and stirred it often, so I don't know what happened, but it cost me probably $25 to get all the stuff and it was ruined. I took it over there anyway, hoping my mom could fix it and she dumped all the broth out and started from scratch. It actually ended up being pretty good, but not as good as I had tasted it before it burned.
I don't know what not procrastinating has to do with the burning stew rant, but my point is, my New Year's resolution is to stop procrastinating!!!!! I do this every time and usually end up being late or burning something, or forgetting something.
SOOO, what's your New Year's resolution???
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Oh no!! I'm so sorry about the stew!!! I've been thinking about you a lot today and wondering how that was going, and really hoping it had turned out well.

Sorry about the shopping too. That just sucks!
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That's ok, Heidi. I did taste it before it burned and it was GOOOOD! I'm gonna make it again next year, the day before, and with the right pot that I'm going to get SOMEWHERE with the sales going on on Monday! Thanks again for all your help!
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why next year and not next week? :P
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I'm too mad at it to want to make it anytime soon!
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My resolution is to be happy!
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Oh bummer!!
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What works best for me and procrastination is to break my tasks down into 30 minutes segments. Especially if its a task I've really don't like to do much.
What usually happens is the 30 minutes goes by without much notice and I finish my task. If its something I'm doing in the house I will set a timer.
Or break the task down into small segments-when I wanted to toss and reorganize the bathroom I said to myself just do the closet first not the drawers too-well I get on a roll and do it all.
However that being said I am having a birthday party for DH on Saturday afternoon have the menu , but have to shop for it yet, I will start the cooking on Friday, clean the house on Thursday. I will have everything done before Saturday so I can relax!!
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