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hairball relief pet food

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I feed my 2 cats hairball relief food because Lucy is a longhair and tends to have this problem. My younger cat Cosmo is a shorthair and he has never had any hairball problems.

The other night I caught Cosmo eating huge clumps of hair off of our dog's brush. Cosmo managed to pull the brush out of the 'dog bin' and was going mad eating the hair. I have also seen him eating hair off of the carpet on more than one occasion.

Would Cosmo have a craving for hair because he eats hairball relief cat food or is eating other animals hair normal for some cats?
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I don't think it has anything to do with the food, but what did come to mind was that do you grow grass for your cats? I know that my cats need their grass, and tend to eat something else that isn't digested if they don't get their grass for a longer period of time. I've figured that it has something to do with getting a bit of "roughage" into their system to "clean" it up.
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i would agree with Eeva. .. I don't think it has anything to do with whether the food is hairball relief or not hairball relief. this behavior is called "pica" -- humans get it too -- pica simply means the compulsion to eat non-food items. Hair and dirt are common ones. For Siamese cats and cats who have Siamese somewhere in their heritage (Russian Blue, Orientals, etc), wool eating or wool sucking is common. My cat used to eat cotton socks!

I have never heard of a cat eating dog hair in particular. One of my cats loves to gobble those rabbit/squirrel fur covered toys and I have to stand over her like a hawk. Sometimes there is a deficient mineral (particularly in the dirt eating) but sometimes the cause of this behavior is unknown.

Keep the doggie brush in a drawer that Cosmo can't get into so he doesn't develop hairballs and stomach obstructions from the extra hair. Try offering grass, as Eeva said, as well as give both cats a vitamin mineral supplement, cuz that would never hurt.
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