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Ok, up on the top, sometimes. (you may need to refresh a couple times)

But there is an add, it's the hairball food add. There is a cat up there licking his paws. It looks EXAZACTLY like my new cat. Execpt alot bigger. My kitten is 15 weeks old, and not as big.

But what Breed is that?? I never really got an entire answer from his previous owners.

It's the "intense Hairball 34" brand of food that pops up there sometimes. I can see it if i refresh a few times.

Just wanna know.
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it reminds me of my friends cat that was a rag doll great breed!!!
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sound like 'royal canin' food. find their website and see if you can post a pic here.
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I think that kitty looks like a Birman maybe.

Here's a picture I found of two Birmans:
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Wow, very pretty! If they won't tell you the breed, doesn't that mean it is a moggy (mixed breed), even if it looks like a certain breed?
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It's a Birman- they are such pretty cats.
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